Tuesday, August 17, 2010

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Thank you all and come back next week for another

And YOU get to pick!
By Patty from CatCalls & DogBarks

Can you imagine being the mother of THIS many children ALL the same age? HAH! I think I'd be dead! I have seven-born one at a time and that was enough! It's really quite amazing that an animal can have so many and not be screaming their brains out! I remember watching our black lab have her 13 pups and how she seemed to be in a meditative state , breathing, pushing gently, resting....until she popped out all 13. And then the fun AND work began! I wonder how our world would change if everyone could have just 10 minutes of play and cuddling with a puppy every day? I bet we'd see a revival of kindness, gentleness, and love that the world so desperately needs.

So-how many?? Did you count them!
Today, the puppy-loving, talented, and generous Kelly from
is offering one of the first 12 items in her shop as a giveaway prize! Yep-there's 12 pups, so you get 12 goodies to choose from! So browse through this fabulous selection of hand painted slates, jewelry, and greeting cards, ending with the "Land of the Free" slate.
1. Click on the link above and heart your favorite item.
2. Come back here and tell us in the comments which one you picked.
3. Include an address where we can find you.

That's All!
At 10 pm EDTtonight the winner will be chosen! So come back shortly after that to see if it's YOU!
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Unknown said...

hi, my favorite item is
listing # 35778599
bent nail and wire cross key chains

terri- westerncritters@netzero.com

SassySashadoxie said...

My favorite is the dachshund one of course, but it isn't one of the first 12 and it is already promised to a new good forever home. But, as anyways love the blog and the featured shop. :)

Giupetto and Gianna Tails said...

I just LOVE the bent nail and wire cross necklace and have been admiring them for a while now. :-)
I already have a slate from Kelly which I adore, and certainly would love another of those as well.
But today this is my pick:

Giupetto and Gianna Tails said...

Ooops, forgot my email address -


makingstuffwithlove said...

I can't believe all those puppies at once! They are precious!

My favorites (I couldn't pick just one this morning) are the 'Love in the clouds' painted slate -- so romantic -- and the bent nail keychains. I have a thing for pretty keychains :)


Glass of Many Colors said...

Newborn ...be it a dog a cat or a baby is simply precious! Heartwarming pic!

Love the bent nail & wire keychains you make too!

Art & Beth
Glass of Many Colors Stained Glass

Lizzi said...

I love the bent nail keychains. They're pretty awesome!

You can find me at www.aronawalsh.etsy.com

SassySashadoxie said...

congrats to westerncritters :)