Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Anyone can play. You do not have to be on the PetsJubilee team or on etsy.

There are so many animals depicted in cartoon, comics, movies, on TV, etc.

Below are some clues to help you name some of them:

  1. I starred in a movie and all of my pink booties fell off during my escapade. What breed of dog am I?

  2. Shari's dog Velvet is the same breed as I am, and I am often drawn or shown with my house. What is my name?

  3. I am an insect, and in my story I used my smarts to save the life of a farm animal. What is my first name and the first name of the farm animal I saved?

  4. I have this pesty critter who is always after me, trying to blow me up and drop rocks on me. Who am I?

  5. I am small, smaller than a dog, but I am strong, and I wear a red cape. Who am I?

  6. We sell insurance - what 2 animals are we?

  7. People think we have really cute voices when we sing our Christmas songs. What animal are we?

  8. We are natural enemies. I am black and white, and I am always after the little guy in bright yellow, but he always out smarts me. What are our names?

  9. I wear what some call a tuxedo and in this movie I like to dance. What animal am I?

  10. Our names are Macavity and Mr. Mistoffolees. What type of animal are we?

The rules are simple.

  • Try to guess as many as you can. Spelling don't count.
  • There is no rush, you have till the end of the day.
  • There will be no cheating off each other this time. HA - So DON'T answer in the comment section below.
  • Send your answer in a convo to http://www.dianadesignsny.etsy.com/ OR to my email DianaDesign4Dogs@aol.com .
  • Then come back here and leave a comment that you have done that.

The person with the most correct answers wins. If there is a multiple tie, which I expect there will be, I will put their names in a hat and pick the winner.

What do you win? Any one item/listing in my http://www.stylindogsboutique.etsy.com/ shop up to a $10 value, shipped directly to you or to a friend OR a $10 gift certificate for my http://www.dianadesignsny.etsy.com/ shop.

NOTE - I will NOT disclose anyone's score so don't be shy - I will only disclose the winner. Winner will be anounced on Wednesday morning, in the comment section below. I hope you enjoy the game, and thanks for playing.

Come back next Tuesday for another game.


HappyDapperDogs said...

Animal Quizz Done!...I had a time with a few of them.

SassySashadoxie said...

I think I know them all. I won last week so I am letting others go this week. Can't wait to see the answers though.

Sasha says one question should have been name at least 5 movies with a wiener dog in them. Sequals count, too.

Three Wishes Collective said...

I emailed my answers. Did not get them all :(

great idea Sasha. That would be a stumper.

makingstuffwithlove said...

I sent my answers in to you :) I didn't get them all either, but I was really pleased with myself on the ones I did get lol Very much fun!

Art and Sew Forth said...

I emailed mine...but I have no idea on a couple!

AngelPups said...

I think I know some of these but not nearly enough to be in the running!?! ;-) It's a fantastic quiz though!! I hope you'll be posting the answers so I can see how lame I really am!! I know half of the insurance question though!!! Gecko! YES!! There are a few brain cells left ;-)

Great Post!!!

Giupetto and Gianna Tails said...

And the winner is .................... Patty !!!
Woo hoo! She had the most points.

Here are the answers:
1. Chihuahua (from Beverley Hills Chihuahua) (worth 1 point)
2. Snoopy (worth 1 point)
3. Charlotte and Wilbur (from Charlette's Web - worth 2 points)
4. Roadrunner (worth 1 point)
5. Mighty Mouse (worth 1 point)
6. Gecko , Duck , weasel or lizard
(worth 2 points- only needed 2)
7. Chipmunks(worth 1 point)
8. Sylvester and Tweety bird (worth 2 points)
9. Penguin (from the movie Happy Feet) (worth 1 point)
10. Cats (from the play Cats) (worth 1 point)
Thank you SO MUCH for playing, and congratulations to Patty!!! for taking the win!