Sunday, August 15, 2010

Ask The Petsjubilee Pets: Intro

Hello all,

Sasha, the wiener dog, here. My human (Athena) and I run a little shop on Etsy called SassySashadoxie. Those that know me know I love to bark my mind. So when the opportunity to be a guest blog host came up, you know that I barked at the chance.

I have befriended several of the other petsjubilee team pets and we would like to have the Sunday team blog post all to ourselves. So our idea is that all you humans out there would e-mail us a question about your pet that is currently on your mind. Then, we pets will decided how to answer it and post it on the blog here in the weeks to come. It will kind of be like Dear Abby, but more critter crazy.

The topics can be anything from why my hamster squeaks all night to why my Chihuahua shakes so much. Maybe, you have a parrot with a TV addiction or just want to know why your dog barks at leaves falling from trees. Maybe, it is love issues and you just need a good on-line dating service for your pet. Well, we aren't experts, but we do know something about being human companions so why not give us a shot. The answers may not be factual, but I bet they will be funny.

Warning: The advice and comments in the Ask The Petsjubilee Pets posts are for fun only and not meant in any way to represent real advice. Since the pets are the ones responding to the questions, the humans shall and forever remain blameless for whatever the animals post.

Please, e-mail your question now to Title it Ask Petsjubilee Pets or APP if you prefer short paw.

P.S. Don't forget to sign the question with a silly cover name like Hairless in Seattle. Just because, we wouldn't want your pet to be teased at the groomers.

Lots Of Doxie Kisses,


makingstuffwithlove said...

This is just perfect! So funny -- I can't wait for the first question :) I may just have one myself... I am a big fan of Sasha, so I know she'll be a big help for all of us needing advice :) Super idea!

Art and Sew Forth said...

Wienie wisdom-this should be fun!

Giupetto and Gianna Tails said...

I have a question.
Why does my dog Gianna lick her lips when she looks at my new parrot DaVinci.

Cody's Closet said...

Diana - Your question made me laugh!

When I first got Copper, I was reading up on Springers, renowned bird dogs. The information was very specific that if you have a Springer and a bird, your dog will need specialized training. Well, duh!

Great blog Sasha!

SassySashadoxie said...

Thanks guys.

Diana, you just never know Sasha may answer a question like that. E-mail it in and don't forget cute code names to pawtect the pets identity. heehee.

Cody, that would be like me getting a rodent as a pet or even worse a badger. Can't expect a wienie not to want to hunt them.

AngelPups said...

One word, Athena....BRILLIANT! ;-) We'll be thinking all week about questions to ask...and a good cover name ;-)
Kelly & Crew

Giupetto and Gianna Tails said...

Duh, I have to email my question in. LOL
I have 2 questions.
Will the questions and funny answers be posted here next week?

Anonymous said...

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