Tuesday, August 31, 2010

It's Wednesday's Pick of the Litter!

Welcome back to school kids! (low moans and blank stares) Since none of us really want to be here today, I decided we would take a field trip! (loud cheers and clapping) We will be gone approximately 6 hours-the whole day. (standing ovation) How many of you are looking for a new dog? Raise your hand. (23 hands of 23 hands go up) I thought so. We will be traveling to 10 different adoption shelters to look at Dachshunds, or affectionately called, the wiener dog. How many of you want a wiener dog? Raise your hand. (23 hands of 23 hands go up) AWESOME! Let's get on the bus and get rolling!

All of the Doxies you see pictured are up for adoption, EXCEPT two. Your job is to guess~
1. Which name belongs to which dog.
2. Which two pictures are Sasha.
3. Follow this blog if you have not already

Sasha belongs to Sassysashadoxie on Etsy and she is providing this wonderful goodie bag to the one who has the most correct answers. Her shop is a wienie wonder! If you love Doxies, you must visit!

We hope you will take some time to look through some of these shelters at all the wonderful Doxies waiting for a forever home. If you feel super motivated you can locate each name at their shelter if you look. Perhaps you are one of those kids above who raised their hand and one of these lucky pups will find his new best friend!
After you have guessed, please pass this along to others! The winner will be announced at midnight in the comments below. Good luck...and may some lucky dogs win!

Copy and paste this list in the comments with the number of the dog next to it. At the end,write the two numbers you think are Sasha. In case of a tie, a name will be drawn from my son's official soccer sock!


Patty from Catcalls and Dogbarks


Giupetto and Gianna Tails said...

This was ingeniuos Patty. What a great idea, while promoting the adoption process, and having people look at these dogs, where they might just find that one that is looking for them. I fell in love with a few as I looked at the sites.
OK, here goes:
Baby-Mama = 2
Pico1 = 12
Cryna = 4
Gifford = 1
Brownie = 5
Pegleg = 6
Hansei = 7
Jupiter = 9
Athena (love the name, LOL) = 11
Chloe = 8

Sasha is 3 and 10

Great post Patty.

makingstuffwithlove said...

Okay, here are mine :) Just wild guesses... Such a cute idea, and what a prize! A goodie bag from Sasha is a wonderful thing!

Baby-Mama 6
Pico1 8
Cryna 10
Gifford 5
Brownie 2
Pegleg 9
Hansei 12
Jupiter 1
Athena 11
Chloe 4

I think Sasha is #3 and #7? If Diana is right and Sasha is #10, she sure was a doll as a puppy :)

AngelPups said...

GREAT idea for this post!!! I'm so behind, I don't have time to browse the shelters (and I don't think I should or I might be up to 4 pups?!?) so my guesses are totally random !:

Baby-Mama = 9
Pico1 = 5
Cryna = 4
Gifford = 12
Brownie = 10
Pegleg = 1
Hansei = 2
Jupiter = 11
Athena = 7
Chloe = 8

Sasha is 3 and 6

Giupetto and Gianna Tails said...

I think #10 is the cutest puppy ever. It has to be Sasha. Just look at those eyes!

SassySashadoxie said...

Thank you all for playing this game. Can't wait to see who wins. Pass along these wienie sights to whoever you know that might be looking for a new little long buddy in their life.

FrumsGlass said...

I wish I could adopt them all.

11 - Baby-Mama
8 - Pico1
10 - Cryna
2 - Gifford
4 - Brownie
9 - Pegleg
12 - Hansei
6 - Jupiter
1 - Athena
5 - Chloe
I think Sasha is 3 and 7

Art and Sew Forth said...

DIANA!!! You are amazing! You looked at every site and ALL the pups! You are a well deserving winner!!!

SassySashadoxie said...

Congrats Diana. Sasha was so glad you recognized her puppy pic. Awesome pawsome. We will contact you about the goodie bag.