Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Heads Or Tails - who's is whos...

Anyone is welcome to play, you do not have to be one of the shops listed.

Here are the entry rules:

1-List each person's name in number order and match it with their pet's picture.
Example -
1. Alice, Pic D
2. Annie, Pic - A, etc.
(OR just copy the list of names below and put the letter next to it.)

Note - some names may have more than one correct answer - Only choose 1. (1 letter for each name)

2- Include your email address in the comment so I can contact you if you win.

Maximum # of points is 12. The one with the most correct answers wins.
If by chance there is a tie or multiple wins, I will choose the first 2 winners, in order of their posting times.

What do you win? Any item in my StylinDogsBoutique.etsy.com shop up to $10 value, shipped directly to you or to a friend, OR a $10 gift certificate for my DianaDesignsNY.etsy.com shop.
Winner will be announced Wednesday morning, in the comments below.

Here are their names (in alphabetical order):

1-Alice ( MakingStuffWithLove.etsy.com)
2-Annie ( CodysCloset.etsy.com)
3- Athena ( SassySashaDoxie.etsy.com)
4- Diana (DianaDesignsNY.etsy.com)
5- Kelly (AngelPupsCreations.etsy.com)
6- Lori (DoodyPops.etsy.com)
7- Patty (Catcalls.etsy.com)
8- Shari (Petsjubilee.etsy.com)
9- Solange (JewelryBySolange.etsy.com)
10-Sue (FrumsGlassMenagerie.etsy.com)
11-Tammy( EarlyBird454.etsy.com)
12- Terri (WesternCritters.etsy.com)

Now match em up to their pet's body parts, and have fun:







SassySashadoxie said...

OK, we are giving it a shot. I had Sasha wispering in my ear the whole time so not sure I got most of these right or not. The send to last pic N was really blurry on our end so I can't tell if it is the hind end of dog, cat, or what. Here we go.

1-Alice ( MakingStuffWithLove.etsy.com) L

2-Annie ( CodysCloset.etsy.com) E

3- Athena ( SassySashaDoxie.etsy.com) D & F

4- Diana (DianaDesignsNY.etsy.com) M

5- Kelly (AngelPupsCreations.etsy.com) H & O

6- Lori (DoodyPops.etsy.com)J

7- Patty (Catcalls.etsy.com) I

8- Shari (Petsjubilee.etsy.com) K

9- Solange (JewelryBySolange.etsy.com)C

10-Sue (FrumsGlassMenagerie.etsy.com) B

11-Tammy( EarlyBird454.etsy.com) G

12- Terri (WesternCritters.etsy.com)

And I am going to gues N goes with 12 Terri just cause it is the last one.

You know how to contact Sasha and me SassySashadoxie@etsy.com convo me if needed.

Three Wishes Collective said...

1-Alice ( MakingStuffWithLove.etsy.com)n
2-Annie ( CodysCloset.etsy.com)e
3- Athena ( SassySashaDoxie.etsy.com)d
4- Diana (DianaDesignsNY.etsy.com)m
5- Kelly (AngelPupsCreations.etsy.com)o
6- Lori (DoodyPops.etsy.com)j
7- Patty (Catcalls.etsy.com)i
8- Shari (Petsjubilee.etsy.com)k
9- Solange (JewelryBySolange.etsy.com)c
10-Sue (FrumsGlassMenagerie.etsy.com) b
11-Tammy( EarlyBird454.etsy.com)g
12- Terri (WesternCritters.etsy.com) a

Three Wishes Collective said...

oops - my email is petsjubilee@live.com

AngelPups said...

Diana~What a fantastic and creative game!!! I am hoping to get caught back up on Twitter so I'll be tweeting this! Hope you get lots of guesses ;-)

God Bless~
Kelly & Crew

Art and Sew Forth said...

This was HARD! But fun-and I wasted WAY too much time on it!

1-Alice L
2-Annie E
3- Athena D
4- Diana M
5- Kelly O
6- Lori J
7- Patty I
8- Shari K
9- Solange C
10-Sue B
11-Tammy G
12- Terri N


Unknown said...

got this figured out the wee hours of the morning and got to tired to post it, here goes

10. SUE-B


makingstuffwithlove said...

This was fun! And I got all these laughs out of it :) I just sat here and laughed at Sasha's comment about the wispering and blurriness lol I was so proud of myself when I knew one lol This was a big confidence builder :) Okay, here goes:

1-Alice ( MakingStuffWithLove.etsy.com)L
2-Annie ( CodysCloset.etsy.com)E
3- Athena ( SassySashaDoxie.etsy.com)D, F
4- Diana (DianaDesignsNY.etsy.com)M
5- Kelly (AngelPupsCreations.etsy.com)H, O
6- Lori (DoodyPops.etsy.com)J
7- Patty (Catcalls.etsy.com)I
8- Shari (Petsjubilee.etsy.com)K
9- Solange (JewelryBySolange.etsy.com)C
10-Sue (FrumsGlassMenagerie.etsy.com)B
11-Tammy( EarlyBird454.etsy.com)G
12- Terri (WesternCritters.etsy.com)A

I didn't know N and am curious to find out. Looks like Watson's foot, but he's not banded... I checked my answers with the others, so I'm not all this smart on my own lol But I DID know most of them :)

AngelPups said...

1-Alice (makinstuff)--L
2-Annie (CodysCloset)--E
3- Athena (SassySashaDoxie)--F
4- Diana (DianaDesignsNY)--M
5- Kelly (AngelPupsCreations)--O
6- Lori (DoodyPops.etsy.com)--J
7- Patty (Catcalls.etsy.com)--I
8- Shari (Petsjubilee.etsy.com)--K
9- Solange (JewelryBySolange)--C
10-Sue (FrumsGlassMenagerie)--B
11-Tammy( EarlyBird454.etsy.com)--G
12- Terri (WesternCritters)--A

OK, I got most, but I'm not gonna lie...I cheated on three...and they still could all be wrong!?!

And I never got on Twitter...not once today, so I am sorry to say I didn't tweet it ;-(

Giupetto and Gianna Tails said...

AND the winner is......................................................................Athena ... and ... Terri.
You got them all right.

Most of you got all 12 right and some only got 1 wrong. You all did great. Thank you for playing.

Here are the answers:
A = Terri - LowRider's nose and tongue when getting a bath in previous contest

B = Sue - Sweet Pea's ear in last month's contest

C = Solange - Daisy's nose with my bone toy

D = Athena - Sasha's tail from a previous contest

E = Annie - Cody's leg when hiding in the closet - previous contest

F = Athena - Sasha's paw (It would have been too onvious for the Talk to the Paw one)

G = Tammy - Angel's long doxie nose - from current contest

H = Kelly - Big Mac's nose with my bone toy that is his "baby".

I = Patty - Tooey's nose and mouth, from a previous contest.

J = Lori - Sassafrass' underbelly and front paws, from current contest.

K = Shari - Velvet's eye, from Bring your Baby to work contest.

L = Alice - Jake's ear from last month's contest

M = Diana - Gianna's nose and infamous smile

N = Diana - DaVinci's feet - remember I talked about his feet and how they look blue

O = Kelly - Molly's rear end and tail

Thank you so much for playing - more games to come - check it out every Tuesday.

B = Su

Giupetto and Gianna Tails said...

Don't know what happenned it is supposed to say the winners are --------
Athena --- and --- Terri