Sunday, August 22, 2010

Ask The Petsjubilee Pets: We Got Mail!

Never fear pets of the world! Sasha and the Petsjubilee Pets are here to lend a paw, claw, beak, or whatever. Boy has the inbox been busy this week. Here are a few juicy ones to get your fur a shedding.

Our first one is near and dear to all us pets hearts: The Nickname Dilemma! The petsjubilee treasury at the end of this blog was inspired by this letter. (Don't forget to click on the pic to get to the treasury page.)

dear ABBy (aka : Sasha)

help....i have a terrible dilemma!! people mom insists on baby talking to me! oh yes, i'm tired of it! i tried barking to her my distress, but she continues to coo and make silly noises at me. she also dresses me in goofy hats and flashes the lights at me....but the absolute worst, are the pet names she has for me, ...."sweetie pie", "bo-bo", "pootie boy", "love puppy"...these are just some of the things she calls me..... even in public!
i really don't want to hurt her feelings, cuz she's a great mom, and she loves me as much as i love her, but i am a GROWN dog!!
please, your pur-fessional advice on this matter would be caninely appreciated.

tough guy in texas

The AngelPup Crew provided a great answer to this letter in the following.

Dear Tough guy in Texas:

Our Mom doesn't do too much baby-talking to us.....she just talks all day to us like were humans and have a clue! However, we did get together and discuss this issue and we've decided that the best way to get your Mom to stop the baby talk and nicknames is to start acting like a child. Chew a shoe up, do your business in the kitchen, take the steak off the counter while it's sitting there....we know it will be a little humiliating for you at first, but we guarantee it'll work. On the occasions when Mom does do the baby-talk thing and we've employed the above tactics, she has IMMEDIATELY returned to her "adult voice" to talk to us. Well, maybe yell at us is a better description. In fact, we've seen her do it with her human kids and you know you've got her attention when she calls you by your full name! First, Middle, Last....but no cutesy nicknames that's for sure! So, whenever she starts to goo and gaa at you and begins to call you embarrassing names, just lift a leg near her favorite appliance, nicest peice of furniture, or her best new pair of shoes. She'll learn. And remember, be consistent. Sometime humans take a while to learn new behaviors but you must not give up on her.

Best of luck! The AngelPups Crew

Letter number two is also quite a common problem since humans seem to be get wider so seem the pets.

Please Sasha-you are my last hope!

I have a serious weight problem. My two housemates of the rodentia order are of normal size, eat exactly what I eat, have the same sized cage and get about the same amount of exercise. They are suave looking, lean, fit, really rather splendiferous creatures. Not me. I am obese. My mom can't walk past my cage without commenting. "How's fatty today?" "Does chubby need a goodie?" And when she picks me up she groans as if she's lifting a cannon. I really can't take it anymore. Am I destined to be be a porky, rotund, corpulent creature the rest of my days?

Sincerely, Rolypoly in a tight fix

I decided to answer this one with a bit of fursonal experience.

Dear Rolypoly in a tight fix,
Sasha is here. I myself have never had too many weight issues cause mommy practically starves me where the treats are concerned. However, I do have a play date wienie buddy (who shall remain nameless) that was actually accused by a elderly neighbor to be a PIG. The neighbor called the police and animal control stating that my friend's mommy was keeping livestock in the city. Well, the police showed up and once discovering that my poor humiliated friend was just a 40 pound wire haired wiener dog they began to laugh at him. Well, all that is a very long story, but what I am getting to is this poor fellow had a thyroid condition and was on steroids so it made him balloon up big time. He is limited on his diet and he does exercise quite a bit. However, the weight still stayed. Basically, there might be other reasons why you tend to be more plump than your housemates. So remind your mommy that unless the police show up asking to see the pig in your house, you are so able to be whatever size rodent you are meant to be.

Your Friend In Fur,

So two pet letters have been addressed today, but we actually got a third letter, too. However, my doxie mind has thought that we need to keep something special for next week's post. Here is the letter that will be answered next Sunday here on Ask The Petsjubilee Pets.

Dear Sasha, Why does my Chihuahua cairn mix like to go to bed very early and sleep very late- sometimes until noon? Do Chi's do this?Also, she eats basil and lemon mint, while my other doggies don't. I find this quite unusual. Is it because she likes spicy mexican food?

signed is my dog an alien in PA

We are still accepting you or your pets questions for APP Sunday post at: (Please, type APP Or Ask The Petsjubilee Pets in the subject of the e-mail.)


Art and Sew Forth said...

This is SO much fun! A 40 lb Doxie??? Wow-is he in the Guinness Book of World Records?

AngelPups said...

Love this feature!! (And not because Sasha used our help in answering one of her letters ;-) We've got some issues of our own...but we've got to come up with a code name before we can ask for help or we'll be the laughing stock of the neighborhood!

Big Mac, Molly & Moxie

Three Wishes Collective said...

What a great feature! Can't wait to read more! The answers are fantastic! We have such well educated pets, lol.

HappyDapperDogs said...

Love it!! I think Sasha and Crew might have a new fulltime feature article in the works....good luck & best wishes to "Tough Guy" & "RolyPoly"! I look forward to next weeks good advise.

Pup Fan said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog... following you back! :)

Giupetto and Gianna Tails said...

I love this feature. It is great! I hope you continue it for a long time to come. I so enjoyed reading the questions and the answers.
I might know a pet or 2 in my house that has a question or 2 to ask.

makingstuffwithlove said...

We've got questions, too, Sasha! You are so clever with the advice that we can't wait :) But I think a code name is a good idea lol Wouldn't want to embarass my furbabies in front of their friends :) Great post!