Thursday, August 12, 2010

The Poop Scoop- No Not My Raisinets!


My name is Lorin and I have a silly dog treat shop on Esty called Doodypops. My topics here are going to be somewhat varied and random. I would like to cover things that are important at the time like pet food recalls, but I also like to be quite silly, so there will be a bunch of variety here!

Today I would like to talk about the things that you might not know are dangerous to your pets. For instance, it was recently found that grapes and raisins were toxic to dogs. Now at this point no one knows exactly why this is, if it has always been this way or if a new toxin or pesticide is to blame. But until they (whoever 'they" are) figure it out, its best to keep those things safely away from your pet. I know this can be hard to do, especially if you have a traditional refrigerator with the freezer on top. The dogs all come a runnin' when they hear that door open! And of course the grapes are usually positioned right in front where it's easy for the humans to grab a few. In our house, we actually stopped getting grapes after out Chihuahua mix got one or two by accident. We had to take her to the doggie ER to have her tummy pumped because of her small size. They didn't want to take chances.It is amazing that something that until recently had been so innocuous could be so deadly.

It is even more surprising how many people aren't aware of this, even people in the veterinary field.

Another somewhat new item on the scene is Xylitol. It is found in chewing gum and sugar free foods. It's not really new, having been discovered in the 19th century, but the proliferation of 'diet' type foods and the fact that xylitol doesn't have a bad after taste makes it seem like its everywhere. And it is- I found some gum in my husband's pants pockets after they had gone through the dryer. It's a good thing the dryer got the gum, and not the dogs!

Apparently the problem is dogs who consume greater than 100 milligram of xylitol consumed per kilogram of bodyweight, can end up with low blood sugar, which presents almost like a drunken state, with dizziness and loss of coordination. Among the higher doses per bodyweight, liver damage can result. I see gum everywhere- peoples cars, purses (and pants pockets as I stated before.). Your dog can get a hold of gum either going with you in the car or even rummaging through your purse.Toothpaste is another no- no , because of xylitol and the fluoride, so stick with doggie toothpaste- yes they really DO need their own!

Oftentimes, as longtime pet owners we take knowledge like this for granted. We forget it has to be repeated for new owners. A great resource is if you are unsure how severe a problem is or can't get your vet on the phone right away. I used this service for $9, and my question was posed to veterinarians across the country -in my case I believe it was Tulane University that answered- and said I should probably go to the vet for the one or two grapes episode. The Emergency Vet said we were right, and was glad we got to it so quickly.. It would have been so easy to think one or two grapes...What's the problem? (However, in life threatening pet medical emergencies, I recommend you always contact your vet or another local vet's office first.)

So, now that I have scared you into picking up your gum, small fruits and Raisinets, please tell a friend!


Unknown said...

hi lorin, great topic, nicely done!

makingstuffwithlove said...

Very nice -- and very informative! I didn't know about the grapes and raisens... I've actually fed my dog a grape before :( Thankfully there was no problem, but thanks to you, it won't happen again. I didn't know about the sweetner, either, but I'll be on guard for it, also. Great post -- thanks for the warnings :)

Giupetto and Gianna Tails said...

Great post Lori. I am reading labels now since I eat a lot of diet food, and yes I almost always give my dogs a piece of what I am eatting, otherwise I feel so selfish. :-) Therefore I never eat chocolate in front of them.
But now I will watch more closely with all the diet foods. I did know about the grapes, but it is fairly new and many people do not.
And I am definitely going to put that link in my favorites - sounds like a good link to have on hand for help. Thank you.

Lonesome Road Studio said...

I've heard that about grapes and raisins, scary stuff since dogs love fruits and veggies!

SassySashadoxie said...

Lorin, great information and yes so many people don't know. I have told my mom so many times about leaving grapes unattended on the kitchen table. Since my little girl has been known to climb her way up there before, I just don't want to risk it. Trail mix has been a down fall here. I have trouble eatting it without dropping some of it so I have to be very careful since it has chocolate and raisens in it.

doodypops said...

thanks you guys! I am glad I picked this topic. i was really nervous as this was my first blogging experience, but you guys made it easy!
And I love the photo- it made it all come together!
Why don't you just take away my birthday! LOL

Art and Sew Forth said...

I never knew about the grapes! My mother in law always feeds those to her little dog. Hmm...will have to pass this along! Thanks, Lori!

AngelPups said...

Great Post, Lori!! It's so true that you never know what might be harmful!! I printed out a list of toxic foods, etc. and taped inside my cabinet door so whenever I'm not sure, I can check quickly.... and it's not just food! My newest little one, Moxie, was chewing acorns like crazy in my backyard (it's one of the reasons the squirrels love our yard so much;-) I started to wonder it if was harmful and sure enough, I located information that there is a toxin in acorns that can be harmful or fatal to dogs! Never hurts to double check! Thanks so much for posting the link for help, too!

Cody's Closet said...

WOW - super informative and I never knew that about the sugar alcohols. I assume malitol and the others are the same.

We used to have a grapevine in our back yard in Nebraska. Our dog Frisky used to help himself. Who knew!

Again, great job!

Jennifer said...

Great article!!