Sunday, October 31, 2010

It's Halloweenier Day! Trick Or Treat!

Sasha (from SassySashadoxie), the wiener dog here. Due to today being Halloweenier Day (and no new Ask The Petsjubilee Pets' Questions this week), I am going to tells you all about my day at the Petco costume contest.

Well, mommy bought me a Bobo costume a few months back from Miss Diana from DianadesignsNY. I loved my costume (all except for the squeaky hat cause I wanted to destuff it).

Mommy starts by dressing up like me and I think she looks a bit weird so I did try to lick her make-up off, but it didn't work. Then, she grabs my costume and we are off on a car ride. First, stop Miss Suz's house and we pick up Frito. We gets to the pet store and I am thinking oh goodies treats, bobos, people to pet me, and so on.

Then, mommy dresses me up in the costume right in front of Frito, but apparently he was a gentleman and had his back turned not to peek at me. His Mommy put a saddle on him and he was really embarrassed. So much so all he kept saying is where can I hide.

Then, we walked and walked and people wanted to take pictures of Frito and he really wanted nothing to do with the flashy thing or the peeps. So I stepped in and did my waggly tail and cute face, and grabbed a few photo ops.
Then, mommy got me a new red mini bobo the only one she could find that matched my costume. I barked at a few dogs which of course Mommy fussed at me for barking and frightening the other dogs. Can I help it they had never scene a barking bobo before. I was just telling them not to destuff me.

Well, time passes ever so slowly and you know you can only sniff isles so long. We met a few other wieners and one was Dorthy from the Wizard of OZ.

Finally, they had us all go to the back for the contest. They called my name and said a bunch of stuff Mommy wrote down on the paper. Then, Frito's turn and so forth.

We waited a bit longer and they announced the winners. They called my name right away for third place. Miss Suz clapped and so did a few others. Then, a pug Skunk got second, and there was a pause. We all waited and the first place wiener is "Frito!!" Mommy clapped and I woofed just a little so I wouldn't get in trouble, but I was wagging my tail.

Then, we collected our prizes and our free photo. Mommy picked up a couple more squeakies with the prize gift card. Then, she told me the Hot Dog was for Charlie. Like I knew that. But, I still gets two new squeakies my mini bobo and a squeakie hamburger.

We dropped Miss Suz and Frito off, and headed home. I told Charlie all about my adventure and he sniffies me all over. After dinner, Mommy cut the tags off the new toys and we had some good play time before my after dinner nap.
Remember to be safe tonight when the trick or treaters ring the door bell, no escaping into the dark spooky night. If you take your humans out, make sure you are very visible cause you know it is hard to see our fur color at night. Oh, and no matter how yummy the sweet kibbles smell no eatting them cause some are very bad for us critters.
Now, I am off to play with my new squeakies.


PawzBoutique said...

How adorable! the saddled weiner dog was pretty awsome! great job!

Unknown said...

Love all the costumes & sounds like Sasha had a good time too! New bobos...Daisy is getting a few for Halloweenie too!

Happy Halloweenie from one doxie to another!

Pauline said...

Yip Yap Furray for Sasha !!! Congratulations Mommy too - you both looked so good....!!

Loved watching this and we're so proud of our Sasha and of course congrats to your friends who came in the other spots....I like 3rd spot myself :)

makingstuffwithlove said...

Congrats to Sasha and Athena! And also to her friend, Frito :) This was a great blow by blow of the contest. I wish I could have been there to see Sasha take her prize! I love that she got a new Bobo and Charlie got a new squeakie. The purple ribbon on her collar looks so pretty -- she's a prize anytime!

Shari Lynne said...

Thank you for a great recap of your adventure, Sasha! I love the photos! You and your mommy look great together and I'm so happy you won a ribbon :) congrats on the new squeakies, too.

Giupetto and Gianna Tails said...

Hooray for Sasha, who wins a beautiful ribbon. 3rd prize is nothing to sneeze at, and prezzies too! And congrats to Frito, you both had great costumes.
That mini bobo toy is so cute. Loved to see Sasha really enjoying it.
And Athena, you looked so adorable as a doggie! :-)

HappyDapperDogs said...

Yay, for our wonderful Howl-o- wieners Sasha & Frito!! Athena, you make a cute doggie!
I'm so happy for all of you,
I want to send you a prize too! :D

laughingfridge said...

Hannah says yip yap furray for Sasha and Frito winning prizes, and Eddie says woofie for pug skunk, lol. Great story Sasha, and you got lots of good booty!

Garden Path Quilts said...

Yay for Sasha and Frito! Like I didn't know that a weiner would'nt win! Woot! Costumes were cool. Signed, Emma and Duke

AngelPups said...

You ALL looked fantastic!! And awards to boot!! That clip of Sasha with her squeaker at the end was adorable!
God Bless~

Pup Fan said...

Cute! Happy Halloween! :)

doodypops said...

I am so glad she won! I didn't know you took Frito too, but i was thinking Sasha shoulda been firsplace!