Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Plants and Pets

While working on my plan for the landscaping in my back yard I did a little research on what plants dogs should and should not be chewing on. During that research I also found a couple of excellent websites with some very good information in them regarding plants and both dogs and cats. I now have a safe back yard environment for the dogs to play and chew in.

Some common plants that you may have in your yard or even your home that dogs and cats should not have access to are: Azalea, Sago Palm, Lilies, Schefflera, Pothos (this is an ivy) Tulips, Oleander, Chrysanthemum, and English Ivy. I have had these plants in my yard and home over the years with no idea that they could make my pet sick or even worse. This is just a short list to see all of the plants that are harmful to your pet go to http://www.aspca.org/pet-care/poison-control/plants/

Also keep in mind that the blue-green algae found in ponds and pools can be harmful to your pet.

Now keeping that in mind here are some plants that have been called safe for pets to eat. Please remember that not all pets will be able to munch on these goodies just like people some have allergies.

The following information is from the Safe Gardening website

The safe plants for dogs are most:
African Violets
Gerbera daisy

The safe plants for cats are:
Spider Plant
Grape Ivy
Magnolia miniature roses
Cape Primrose

The Christmas cactus, Christmas orchid, yucca plant, gardenia, jade plant, cornflower, blue daisy tend to be safe for pets except for mild ingestion, diarrhea and vomiting if eaten. Since the plants are non-toxic, it is not necessary to seek veterinary treatment. The Poison Control Center will instruct an owner how to induce vomiting with hydrogen peroxide.

Edible Flowers
There is a wide range of safe edible plants for pets to eat and enjoy with plenty of taste.
Carnations (pink petals)
Pineapple Sage
Hibiscus Flowers
Geraniums (except the Pelargonium)

While we think of dogs and cats as meat eaters it is important to remember that they need a balanced diet that includes grains as well as fruit and veggis including leafy greens.

If you pet is eating something that you are unsure about always call your local poison control or your vet. Knowledge is our best weapon in keeping our pets safe and healthy.



doodypops said...

I have found that the common weeds purslane and wood sorrell are edible for people and are GREAT in salads! Yep, I went out in the yard and ate weeds......more than once this summer!

Pauline said...

Really cute video and an interesting read about the different plants that are edible and not. I've had some of those flowers in my salad too:)

Art and Sew Forth said...

Such a cute Doxie!! How fun! I know my piggies love some of those plants! They also like lavender, which I have a little of, and it makes the house smell good too!

Three Wishes Collective said...

I never thought about the different plants although, I do try to keep Velvet away from them. She tries to eat these berries on bush we have, so we just stay clear of that part of the yard.

Giupetto and Gianna Tails said...

This was a great post and important. I do try to check out the list of poisonous plants before I plant each year to remind myself. I loved the video too.

SassySashadoxie said...

This is why we have mostly grass, and Sasha still found a way to OD on mushrooms. Thanks for the info Sandra. :)

Cody's Closet said...

We have lots of lavender, orange, nectarine, avocado and lemon trees and a bunch of calla lilies. So far so good.

Great, awesome blog!

Unknown said...

Sandra~Awesome post! There is so much "stuff" in my backyard (surrounded by wild woods), and I'd thought we'd gotten through the worst of it until we brought Moxie home! She eats everything!! She loves to chew acorns which I read are toxic to dogs (we have a huge maple in the middle of the yard) and we have so many trees/shrubs with wild berries on them that I don't even know what they are but she eats them all...Molly actually started joining her. We took down a tree that berried over the pups "bathroom" area and since I wasn't sure if all the berries that fell were poisonous, I kid you not, I used a shop-vac to "vacuum" my backyard today!?! Ah, what we do for love...;-)

AngelPups said...

OK, I'm "K"....I have no idea how I cam up as "K" ???