Sunday, April 17, 2011

Sasha's Fourth Birthday!

Sasha has recently celebrated her fourth birthday with help of a couple petsjubilee team members. Shari from CiaoHound provided the cake/treats. Diana from StylinDogsBoutique provided the prezzie Jumbo Hubby Stuffed bone and party gift of a small Hubby Stuffed bone for Charlie. I provided the birthday hat with help of a certain crafty little 6 year old girl I know. heehee.


Pauline said...

So very cute :) Wow those kids sure did enjoy that cake. So cute to see them cleaning each other's plates ha ha ha ha
Happy Birthday To Sasha !!

Grandma kisses

Jenya said...

Cute! They sure do belong to the clean plate club.

Shari Lynne said...

Wow! That is so great! It warms my heart to see them enjoy the cake so much. Those plates were so clean when they were done, lol.

Art and Sew Forth said...

OJ...that was a riot! First, your slippers are great! Second, Sasha REALLY has that 'holding the plate down thing' in place! She gets her paw right on there for efficient licking. Third, 'getting every last crumb' has taken on a new meaning! And Charlie looked like did a pretty good job as well. What a fun video!

HappyDapperDogs said...

How fun! Looks like Aunt Shari makes yummy cake. But were hoping to hear Athena sing the "Happy Birthday, Dear Sasha" song! :D
Happy B-day sweet girl.
Puppy kisses & tail wags
p.s. your prezzie is on the way!

Giupetto and Gianna Tails said...

A very happy birthday to Sasha. It looks like you and Charlie sure liked your birthday cake.
Loved the slippers too. I'd like to get me a pair of them. :-)

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to Sasha!!

Oskar said...

What a cute celebration!

Nubbin wiggles,

Pup Fan said...

Aw, happy birthday to Sasha!

The Doggie House said...

Happy B-DAY Sacha

my doggie b day was on april 1

how lovely is that :)

ForPetsSake said...

How wonderful! Happy Birthday!!!