Tuesday, April 5, 2011


SHOW AND TELL TUESDAY - PART 3 I've been asking some PetsJubilee team members what their favorite item is that they have sold or made for someone, and why it is a favorite. Or is there a special connection or meaning to the item or the sale. Here are some of the responses:

Mary (anywear) is up first.

Mary says. "My favorite item has to be the pirate or skull hat :) Its just so dang cute yet. At the same time it gives off the impression that this little dog has a tough side. Its the number one best sellers for me." I am CRAZY about this one as well, and can defintely understand why this is a best seller. And I know everyone is CRAZY about little Hotwheel.

Of course I could not resist showing you the two hats I bought from Mary for Giupetto and Gianna.

Giupetto's Winter HatSnowHatGianna2


The following is a new team member and she is also new to etsy. Beth (WeeksDesign), is also our team leader Shari's daughter. Beth says: "I just recently opened my shop for my designs. How I decided to start selling my designs is kind of a tangential story, starting with my original idea to make day planners, which turned into wanting to make notebooks, which turned into wanting to make business cards. Several large purchases later, I'm working on designs and products for my store, as well as trying to get started making logos and business supplies for others. I also purchased a button machine, and pending a bit more practice, plan on selling custom and designer buttons soon as well."

She chose the following item as it is the most favorited business card:

Since Beth sent me the above response I noticed that she had added many more items to her shop, and apparantly has that button machine working. I just love the selection of buttons she has for sale:

Good luck with your new shop Beth. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Next up is Sean (CamargoCreations ).

Sean says: "This dress is one of my favorites right now. My dog model, Lulu is a rescue dog that we fostered until she found a wonderful forever home. The fabric is made of terrific glitter squares giving it a really fun look. It was a different type of fabric than I usually work with so it was nice to do something new to me. "

Sean, I am so glad that she has found a forever home. How could anyone resist that face. I just love the dress, the color, the elegance, the contrast of fabrics and color choice - love it.

There are several outfits I love in Sean's shop, but I actually have my eye on his dog bone placemats, I will probably make one mine soon enough.


Pauline(PaulinesFashions) was asked the same questions. She had the following to say:

"I've had a really tough time trying to decide what to send...But when I just thought of the "most fun" time - I had to choose these photos of a Fashion Show from a shop where I supplied my clothing. They held this fashion show and featured all my clothing. I had to write up a description of each outfit and the manager of the shop read it out and had music playing while the doggies came out and walked the carpet. The following is just a few of the pictures (not great btw) but you can see some of the different kinds of doggies that participated. The first picture shows the rack of clothes that they picked from. Other pics show the dogs wearing everything from embroidered tops, dresses, coats, jammies and a wedding dress and tux were all featured in the show.

They just rolled out the carpet in the front of the shop and the dogs and their owners 'walked the runway'.

After there was a part of the shop where they had a doggie cafe where they sold 'doggie treats'. You will see in one of the photos, the shop owner giving a 'treat' for good a good job:) It was a real fun event to be part of and I was so honored that they asked me to show my fashions. That was one of my favorite shops that I sold to. I would come to the shop on an afternoon with my fabric samples and they would order what they needed for the month. Loved doing that. This was ... before I started etsy. Then one month they decided to have a 'fashion' show....so I had to make up some extra outfits and all the customers were welcome to bring their furbabies. We had a 'dressing room' for the dogs and chose 'who' looked best in each item."

Pauline, this was just wonderful. I tried to select some of the best pictures that portrayed the fun everyone must have had. Looks like even the dogs enjoyed themselves.

Thank you to everyone so far for sharing thier stories and favorites.

More to come next Tuesday.

If you want to share your favorite item, sale or story on next week's blog - convo me.




ForPetsSake said...

LOVE that skull hat - too cute!

Three Wishes Collective said...

ooo - i love all the items and how much fun, a doggy fashion show and cafe?!

Art and Sew Forth said...

What a treat. These have been so interesting and fun. Love to get to know people better through their work. And what an honor for Pauline to be the supplier to the doggy fashion show!

SassySashadoxie said...

I love getting to know all the team this way. There is so many great products and so many great artist on our team. Love it.

Pup Fan said...

That skull hat is awesome!