Tuesday, August 31, 2010

It's Wednesday's Pick of the Litter!

Welcome back to school kids! (low moans and blank stares) Since none of us really want to be here today, I decided we would take a field trip! (loud cheers and clapping) We will be gone approximately 6 hours-the whole day. (standing ovation) How many of you are looking for a new dog? Raise your hand. (23 hands of 23 hands go up) I thought so. We will be traveling to 10 different adoption shelters to look at Dachshunds, or affectionately called, the wiener dog. How many of you want a wiener dog? Raise your hand. (23 hands of 23 hands go up) AWESOME! Let's get on the bus and get rolling!

All of the Doxies you see pictured are up for adoption, EXCEPT two. Your job is to guess~
1. Which name belongs to which dog.
2. Which two pictures are Sasha.
3. Follow this blog if you have not already

Sasha belongs to Sassysashadoxie on Etsy and she is providing this wonderful goodie bag to the one who has the most correct answers. Her shop is a wienie wonder! If you love Doxies, you must visit!

We hope you will take some time to look through some of these shelters at all the wonderful Doxies waiting for a forever home. If you feel super motivated you can locate each name at their shelter if you look. Perhaps you are one of those kids above who raised their hand and one of these lucky pups will find his new best friend!
After you have guessed, please pass this along to others! The winner will be announced at midnight in the comments below. Good luck...and may some lucky dogs win!

Copy and paste this list in the comments with the number of the dog next to it. At the end,write the two numbers you think are Sasha. In case of a tie, a name will be drawn from my son's official soccer sock!


Patty from Catcalls and Dogbarks


Time for something a little different.

Most of you know I LOVE birds. I am what they call a backyard birder. What that means is I am a bird watcher but I identify birds only in my own backyard. This backyard is at my weekend getaway in Pennsylvania. In the time I have been there I have sited and identified 249 different species of birds.

I have some particular favorites - such as the exciting, fun and energetic hummingbird, that can just hover in mid air, and buzzes me in the spring to tell me it's time to put out their nectar feeder.

the beautiful and majestic BlueJay, the very brightly colored American Goldfinch,

and the white breasted nut hatch, with the quirky honking sound that it makes and the way it crawls head-first down the side of a tree.

This picture is not upside down. This is very often how you will spot it.

And the awesomeness of the rather rare sighting of a Pileated Woodpecker. Part of the awe in sighting this bird is it's very large size.

I love birds so much I even have a few as pets in my own home - their names are Giacomo, the tiny little parrottlet, my 2 finches Poncho and Bianca, and my new addition, a baby Moustache parrot, DaVinci.

So I thought I would show and tell about the state birds from the states where some of the PetsJubilee team members live.
In alphabetical order by state:

Alabama's state bird - is the Northern Flicker, also known as a yellow hammer. It is a type of wookpecker, and it makes a distinctive sound of a ki-ki-ki-ki.

California's state bird is the California Quail. What a strikingly pretty bird, that I know absolutely nothing about.:

Connecticut's state bird is the American robin. I can always count on this bird to be one of the first birds to bathe in my bird bath when I get it ready every spring. They seem to like to nest under my awning every year.

New York's state bird is the Eastern Bluebird. Here is a really pretty male/ female pair. The male is the brighter one on the bottom, as they are in many, but not all, bird species:

Ohio's state bird is the absolutely beautiful Cardinal. Here is the male. The female is also red, but not nearly as bright red.:

Pennsylvania's state bird is the Ruffed Grouse. And of all of the 249 species I have seen in my backyard, including lots of Turkeys, this is not one of them:

Texas' state bird is the Mockingbird, and so is Tenessee's. I love all the different sounds that the Mockingbird makes. It also loves to mimic other sounds it hears. I can always identify this bird quickly by the way it flicks its tail when it sits on a branch:
Washington's state bird is one of my favorites, the American Goldfinch.
This bird is a frequent visitor at bird feeders, and this is the color of the male during breeding season. The female is similar, but more of a greenish/gold hue and not nearly as bright.:

I know at least one of our PetsJubilee peeps is from British Columbia.
This bird, the Steller's Jay, was voted the most popular there:

I hope you enjoyed this Tuesday's blog of SHOW AND TELL.

Monday, August 30, 2010


"OH, HECK NO!!!!"
"YOU LIED!!!!"
"E.T., PHONE HOME.....QUICK!!!!!"
Hope it's another Monday full of smiles!
Next week.....something about dogs perhaps?!? ;-)
Have a fabulous, dry week and tune in tomorrow for Diana's Tuesday Petsjubilee post!!!
Kelly & Crew

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Ask The Petsjubilee Pets: Alien Dogs?

Hi all,
Your furry friend, Sasha-the dachshund, here. As promised from last week, we are answering this letter:

Dear Sasha, Why does my Chihuahua cairn mix like to go to bed very early and sleep very late- sometimes until noon? Do Chi's do this?Also, she eats basil and lemon mint, while my other doggies don't. I find this quite unusual. Is it because she likes spicy Mexican food?signedis my dog an alien in PA

Dear Is My Dog An Alien In PA,
Sasha, the little wiener dog here. I have a cousin that is a Chihuahua and she sleeps all the time except for when she is growling at me. Can I help that I like to stick my cold wet nose where it doesn't belong?
Oh, well. Basically, I know some dogs do sleep a lot. But, with us wienies we usually are only pretending to sleep. Once our humans are completely out (REM sleep is the best and my doxie mind control device tells me exactly when they are in REM sleep, too.) is when we dachshund's like to party. We have doggy poker games (I think you all have viewed the painting.), on-line dating (How I met my beloved Oscar from NJ.), wiener dog races, and of course cabinet climbing to get to the good treats the humans hide up high. Some humans think that crating us will keep us away from our nightly madness, but we have mastered crate escapes so well we think the humans shouldn't even bother.
As far as the spicy foods go, we dogs all have particular tastes for things. For instance, my big bro likes the new rabbit pellet like dog kibbles that Mommy brought home when the store was out of our brand. I personally think I rather eat worms. Really, the bigger and juicier the better. I miss my kibble and I make sure my Mommy knows it every time she puts the bowl down for me.
So, basically, I really don't think your dog is an alien. However, in the Dachshund Guide To Taking Over The World Edition Two, it does state ten potential signs that a fellow K9 might be from another planet.

1. The K9 is overly knowledgeable in technology. Can master internet, blogging, tweeting, on-line purchases of toys and treats, and still program a DVR.
2. The K9 is often spotted wearing a fish bowl on his/her head, as well as, carrying a ray gun in his/her paws.
3. The K9's fur or hair comes in designer colors such as neon green, purple, and glow in the dark.
4. The K9 starts to resemble a human way too much, and has poop that is almost bigger than itself.
5. The K9 may see certain city landmarks as chew toys.
6. The K9 often choices space themed bedding and collars.
7. The K9 has barked the words "Beam Me Up, Scotty!"
8. The K9 rides a motorcycle with a space ship side car.
9. All pugs who enjoy wearing snuggly alien head gear should be considered very suspicious .
10. The K9 has a stuffed alien Chihuahua that is both a chew toy and an alter ego to blame for any minor damage done to grass while practicing crop circle formations.

I hope this helps relieve your fears that your dog may be an alien. If not, then don't worry most alien dogs are only here for the bacon.
Your Friend In Fur,

Next Sunday we will be answering this letter and maybe a few more:

Dear Sasha,
Whenever I lay on my back trying to cool off my under parts, my human has to come over and kiss my belly. Then she pulls all 4 of my feet one at a time making these silly noises. How do I get her to stop doing this?
annoyed and embarrassed

Please, e-mail your questions for Ask The Petsjubilee Pets to SassySashadoxie@yahoo.com. Also, please put APP in the subject of the letter.

Click on the picture below to get to a special treasury featuring ETSY alien doggy items.

Saturday Pet Blog Hop 8/28/10

Welcome Blog Hoppers!

I just signed up for TwoLittleCavaliers' Blog Frog Community and I hope you will, too. This is a terrific idea for all us pet lovers to be able to get together and talk pets. You can get the info by going to her blog: http://twolittlecavaliers.blogspot.com/

Before you do that, I hope you'll take a minute and sign up for our newsletter (link is to the right) and become a follower of our blog.

Friday, August 27, 2010

The Poop Scoop: Pet Water Fountains

Today's blog concerns pet water fountains. As an owner of both dogs and cats, and one dog that has very bad teeth but a heart condition and cannot have them cleaned under anesthesia , I needed something that would filter and keep their water clean, while promoting the cats to drink more. One of the cats had a blockage and it is best to encourage cats to drink a lot anyway.

I have tried numerous commercially available plastic fountains, only to have them get slimy as the plastic collects bacteria. Even with a filter. The design left a lot to be desired- most of the water flows over the top of the filter. It has an abundance of parts that are difficult to take apart. Also, the pumps go bad rather quickly.

Another important point to make is that plastic, especially made in China leaches harmful chemicals into the water, and some cats can get 'cat acne' from touching the bacteria laden plastic.

In researching a new fountain, I came across stainless steel. However these are made in China and the steel has been found not to hold up particularly well.

Then one day I came across an American company called Sierra BioScience, which makes a ceramic lead free American made bowl . The product name is Glacier Point for cats and comes in 2 sizes.What impressed me about this company is that the filter is of a higher quality and I don't have to worry about the possible petrochemicals leaching from the plastic. The units come equipped with a glass bottle and are capable of holding 4 of them to refill the filter.

One very important thing I noticed was that the designer /owner, Barry Farris, actually recommends purchasing vinegar in the glass bottles- the vinegar to use to clean the unit, and the bottle to reuse as a water supply source. He made the nozzles to fit the vinegar bottles and is not out to make money on selling people refill bottles! What a concept!Barry is also very involved with his customer service. He supplies you with his home phone number and email and responds to questions very quickly. He has well researched data on cats need for hydration as well as problems with plastic. He holds several patents. Here is what Barry had to say; "In a nutshell, me and my company are the exact opposite of the companies that design a product so it can be made cheaply and without any effort to built a better product and then ignore their customers. I started the company as a tribute to my departed wife who was a true cat lover. Attached is a picture of her and Muffy, one of her most favorite cats (note, picture could not be emailed due to my inefficiency at computer stuff). The inside family joke is that I have always been allergic to cats so living with a multi-cat lover for over 30 years and now taking care of her last cat, Jack, says something about me but I am not sure what." Barry FarrisSierra

http://www.glacierpointforcats.com/ There are several youtube videos to show the fountains in action (and the 'silver fox' that is Barry! LOL).

a setup video

pump comparison

customer videos!

I really love this small American company. Barry is a doll too. I am very happy with my fountain, its ease of use and adjustable flow. Plus I feel so much better about the health consequences using one of these. It will be cheaper in the long run due to the durability of the parts and the replacement filter costs being much lower than that of other companies filters. They are very easy to set up and maintain. I got a large one in white and am considering adding a second for my second floor (you know how cats are!) The pets all loved it right away!if you would like to talk to Barry ask some questions, his website is above and he can also give you his phone number. Check it out!


Thursday, August 26, 2010

Barking Up the Wrong Tree?

Just like humans, dogs do talk but in a different language. Dogs express their thoughts and feelings through whining, whimpering, yelping, growling, snarling, howling and most commonly barking.

* Fun Fact: Puppies do not bark. They begin barking at about the age of 8 weeks old.

Here are examples of barks and what they may mean:

- Continuous and fast barking, at a medium pitch: Alert. Problems. Some is entering our territory.
- Continuous and slow barking, at a low pitch: The intruder or danger is close. Prepared to defend itself.
- Fast barking with pauses every 3 or 4: Warning of a problem approaching. Asking you to investigate.
- Long and drawn-out barks at a high pitch, with pauses between each one: I'm alone and need company.
- One or two short high pitched barks: The most normal greeting.
- One bark normal pitch: Curious, alert.
- Short back in a high pitch: Shows surprise. If it's repeated twice it means "Look at this!" If it's longer then it calling. Many dogs use this when they want to go out.
- Brief bark, at medium pitch: Happiness.
- Faltering bark at medium pitch: Asking to play.
- Howl or short bark at a high pitch: "Ouch!" Response to sudden pain.
- Repeated howls and regular intervals: Suffering from extreme pain or something that scares them.
- High pitch or urgent barks that sound desperate, without apparent reason: It is a way some dogs use to let out steam.

Fact: Some breeds, i.e. terrier group, are supreme barkers. Dachshunds and Chihuahuas are also known to be pretty vocal :)

I’m wondering today: How does your pet communicate wordlessly to you?

Alice England


Tuesday, August 24, 2010

And YOU get to pick!
By Patty from CatCalls & DogBarks

Meet my guinea pigs and the extended family! My daughter is on vacation this week and, as always, I get to piggie sit! So I thought I would take this opportunity to photograph all of them and let YOU match the names. The one who has the most correct answers will win this fun

Mystery Grab Bag for Pets and their Humans

from Shari at PetsJubilee on etsy
Mystery Grab Bag for Pets and their Humans
Make sure to peek at Shari's shop for lots of yummy pet treats!

To play the game:
1. Follow this blog & leave an email address where you can be notified
2. Write which name you think belongs to each picture in the comment section.
3. Bonus question for an extra point...which two piggies are littermates? There are two correct answers for this! Only one guess, please!


Winner will be announced at midnight EDT at the end of the comment section!

(You can copy, paste, and add the numbers)









Anyone can play. You do not have to be on the PetsJubilee team or on etsy.

There are so many animals depicted in cartoon, comics, movies, on TV, etc.

Below are some clues to help you name some of them:

  1. I starred in a movie and all of my pink booties fell off during my escapade. What breed of dog am I?

  2. Shari's dog Velvet is the same breed as I am, and I am often drawn or shown with my house. What is my name?

  3. I am an insect, and in my story I used my smarts to save the life of a farm animal. What is my first name and the first name of the farm animal I saved?

  4. I have this pesty critter who is always after me, trying to blow me up and drop rocks on me. Who am I?

  5. I am small, smaller than a dog, but I am strong, and I wear a red cape. Who am I?

  6. We sell insurance - what 2 animals are we?

  7. People think we have really cute voices when we sing our Christmas songs. What animal are we?

  8. We are natural enemies. I am black and white, and I am always after the little guy in bright yellow, but he always out smarts me. What are our names?

  9. I wear what some call a tuxedo and in this movie I like to dance. What animal am I?

  10. Our names are Macavity and Mr. Mistoffolees. What type of animal are we?

The rules are simple.

  • Try to guess as many as you can. Spelling don't count.
  • There is no rush, you have till the end of the day.
  • There will be no cheating off each other this time. HA - So DON'T answer in the comment section below.
  • Send your answer in a convo to http://www.dianadesignsny.etsy.com/ OR to my email DianaDesign4Dogs@aol.com .
  • Then come back here and leave a comment that you have done that.

The person with the most correct answers wins. If there is a multiple tie, which I expect there will be, I will put their names in a hat and pick the winner.

What do you win? Any one item/listing in my http://www.stylindogsboutique.etsy.com/ shop up to a $10 value, shipped directly to you or to a friend OR a $10 gift certificate for my http://www.dianadesignsny.etsy.com/ shop.

NOTE - I will NOT disclose anyone's score so don't be shy - I will only disclose the winner. Winner will be anounced on Wednesday morning, in the comment section below. I hope you enjoy the game, and thanks for playing.

Come back next Tuesday for another game.

Monday, August 23, 2010


Another entry from my email archives.....from one of my many "animal email buddies" ;-)

A few thoughts on cat baths....by The Cat:

'No, I'm not your Good Little Kitty anymore!"

"I don't think I like you anymore."

"Holy Cow!! You call this water WARM???"

"You will pay, as God is my witness....you will pay."

"But you said you LOVED Me!''

Happy Monday! Hope you enjoyed!
Kelly & Crew
Big Mac, Molly & Moxie

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Ask The Petsjubilee Pets: We Got Mail!

Never fear pets of the world! Sasha and the Petsjubilee Pets are here to lend a paw, claw, beak, or whatever. Boy has the inbox been busy this week. Here are a few juicy ones to get your fur a shedding.

Our first one is near and dear to all us pets hearts: The Nickname Dilemma! The petsjubilee treasury at the end of this blog was inspired by this letter. (Don't forget to click on the pic to get to the treasury page.)

dear ABBy (aka : Sasha)

help....i have a terrible dilemma!!
...my people mom insists on baby talking to me! oh yes, i'm tired of it! i tried barking to her my distress, but she continues to coo and make silly noises at me. she also dresses me in goofy hats and flashes the lights at me....but the absolute worst, are the pet names she has for me, ...."sweetie pie", "bo-bo", "pootie boy", "love puppy"...these are just some of the things she calls me..... even in public!
i really don't want to hurt her feelings, cuz she's a great mom, and she loves me as much as i love her, but i am a GROWN dog!!
please, your pur-fessional advice on this matter would be caninely appreciated.

tough guy in texas

The AngelPup Crew provided a great answer to this letter in the following.

Dear Tough guy in Texas:

Our Mom doesn't do too much baby-talking to us.....she just talks all day to us like were humans and have a clue! However, we did get together and discuss this issue and we've decided that the best way to get your Mom to stop the baby talk and nicknames is to start acting like a child. Chew a shoe up, do your business in the kitchen, take the steak off the counter while it's sitting there....we know it will be a little humiliating for you at first, but we guarantee it'll work. On the occasions when Mom does do the baby-talk thing and we've employed the above tactics, she has IMMEDIATELY returned to her "adult voice" to talk to us. Well, maybe yell at us is a better description. In fact, we've seen her do it with her human kids and you know you've got her attention when she calls you by your full name! First, Middle, Last....but no cutesy nicknames that's for sure! So, whenever she starts to goo and gaa at you and begins to call you embarrassing names, just lift a leg near her favorite appliance, nicest peice of furniture, or her best new pair of shoes. She'll learn. And remember, be consistent. Sometime humans take a while to learn new behaviors but you must not give up on her.

Best of luck! The AngelPups Crew

Letter number two is also quite a common problem since humans seem to be get wider so seem the pets.

Please Sasha-you are my last hope!

I have a serious weight problem. My two housemates of the rodentia order are of normal size, eat exactly what I eat, have the same sized cage and get about the same amount of exercise. They are suave looking, lean, fit, really rather splendiferous creatures. Not me. I am obese. My mom can't walk past my cage without commenting. "How's fatty today?" "Does chubby need a goodie?" And when she picks me up she groans as if she's lifting a cannon. I really can't take it anymore. Am I destined to be be a porky, rotund, corpulent creature the rest of my days?

Sincerely, Rolypoly in a tight fix

I decided to answer this one with a bit of fursonal experience.

Dear Rolypoly in a tight fix,
Sasha is here. I myself have never had too many weight issues cause mommy practically starves me where the treats are concerned. However, I do have a play date wienie buddy (who shall remain nameless) that was actually accused by a elderly neighbor to be a PIG. The neighbor called the police and animal control stating that my friend's mommy was keeping livestock in the city. Well, the police showed up and once discovering that my poor humiliated friend was just a 40 pound wire haired wiener dog they began to laugh at him. Well, all that is a very long story, but what I am getting to is this poor fellow had a thyroid condition and was on steroids so it made him balloon up big time. He is limited on his diet and he does exercise quite a bit. However, the weight still stayed. Basically, there might be other reasons why you tend to be more plump than your housemates. So remind your mommy that unless the police show up asking to see the pig in your house, you are so able to be whatever size rodent you are meant to be.

Your Friend In Fur,

So two pet letters have been addressed today, but we actually got a third letter, too. However, my doxie mind has thought that we need to keep something special for next week's post. Here is the letter that will be answered next Sunday here on Ask The Petsjubilee Pets.

Dear Sasha, Why does my Chihuahua cairn mix like to go to bed very early and sleep very late- sometimes until noon? Do Chi's do this?Also, she eats basil and lemon mint, while my other doggies don't. I find this quite unusual. Is it because she likes spicy mexican food?

signed is my dog an alien in PA

We are still accepting you or your pets questions for APP Sunday post at: (Please, type APP Or Ask The Petsjubilee Pets in the subject of the e-mail.)


Saturday, August 21, 2010

Pet Bloggers Hop 8/21

Hi Everyone! Today is my (Shari from PetsJubilee and Ciaohound) birthday and I'll be 47 years old in just a few hours :)
I plan on spending the day pampering myself with relaxation, computer time and spending time with my family.

Tell me: How do you pamper your pet?

Do you buy them special clothes, homemade treats?
Do you treat them to a "spa" day at the groomer?
Do they have special transportation like a little carrier?
Do they wear sunglasses and hats when they go outside?

Let us know in the comments below.
Please visit these great pet related blogs and be sure to become a follower :)

Thursday, August 19, 2010

The Poop Scoop: Bad News Bears

Hey all!

I have been watching the news for awhile - what else to do in this heat but stay inside right? I noticed a trend taking place. I call it Bad News Bears! First there was the one where the Colorado bear broke into a car July 22, 2010 to get at a peanut butter sandwich, disengaged the brake and went hurtling down a hillside whilst honking the horn for 45 minutes. Here are 2 links for evidence!

Yosemite National park has reported a six fold increase in 6 years -more than 1,100 car break -ins last year alone! It is said they attack a car an average of one every 8 hours. The funny thing is that they seem to prefer Toyotas and Hondas due to their lightweight construction- making the vehicles just a tin can for their super powerful claws and jaws.Park Ranger Shelton Johnson says that one generation of bears is teaching the next how to do this, as it is part of the foraging skills and bears are quite good mommas.All the way back in Oct. 2009 in Colorado a couple reported their car was being stolen but no it was...you guessed it- a bear! here is a link with PHOTOS!

Another incident occurred in Baker Lake Washington State earlier this August. A bear found a cooler and full of 2 types of beer. Now this is a bear with fancy taste. He drank 36... yes 36! Rainer Beers! he left the Busch Beer alone- but only after tasting one, and leaving the can partially finished. No other Busch beers were harmed. This particular bear was then found ... passed out on the lawn of Baker Lake Resort in the midst of his drunken destruction. Park rangers could not get the bear out of there- until he slept it off!!!!!! They could only get him to leave by putting more Rainer through the forest. Along with doughnuts for that hangover. Ok, they can open door handles. But if these bears have developed a taste for high priced beer, how are they going to feed (read PAY) for their addiction? Here is how: An attempted bear perpetrated carjacking

The Russian bear contingent seems much more organized and evolved, not to mention brave.

I have a theory about these shenanigans. I think all of these have somehow been influenced by a particular Toilet Paper's TV commercials. is it so hard to believe they wouldn't have TV if they are running around doing all of these other things?For years we have been subjected to those TV cartoon commercial bears and their TP adventures- I can only picture a wilderness despoiled by little wads of TP. Then, baby bear has "cling-ons" . Now, while these ads do illustrate the parenting skills of momma bear and her OCD cleanliness fetish, papa bear is now encouraging Jr. to destroy the environment by soaking up a lake with the TP from a canoe and killing all of the fish. I wonder what they brought the TP onto the canoe for in the first place. These bears must be POOPING IN THE WATER- EW!

A list of newly the acquired bear skill-set
  • opening car doors

  • disengaging a brake

  • honking for help

  • carjacking

  • beer preferences and opening cans

  • safe canoe operation

  • toilet paper usage

Ok I can admit the last 2 were obviously done by cartoon bears ( and we are not even going into all that Yogi has done through the years), but why would the bears be limited to anything? After mulling this over for some time now, I have come to a conclusion. Is it really so far fetched to think that 'SMOKEY' the Bear was actually responsible for a forest fire by a carelessly tossed cigarette and those PSA's were his community service? You don't see them so much anymore do you? So he must have completed his sentence. Seriously, though is cigarette smoking so hard to believe when they have video evidence off the examples above. What will all this lead to? 12 step programs for the ursine populace? Bear interventions? Cub lockups? Its quite obvious they know what they are doing and perhaps have been smarter than we knew all along and were just stringing us along at the zoo and circus to keep their crime sprees under wraps and non prosecutable . I think the proliferation of video cameras and camera phones is about to blow the lid off of this plot by the bears. But by then they will probably know how to use those too.



Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Wet Her Whistle

In keeping with the continuing hot weather and last week’s post, today I've got a little information about dehydration. Symptoms of dehydration include a dry mouth, sunken eyes, extreme exhaustion, and loss of elasticity of the skin. Here’s a test to use: Gently lift up the skin along your pet’s back. Normally it will snap back into place when you let go. In dehydrated pets, however, the skin loses elasticity, causing it to stay up in a ridge. If this occurs, it is an emergency and you need to get to your vet right away. Here are some ways to help prevent dehydration:

- Electrolyte up her life: Dehydration causes a loss of electrolytes. Plain water will replace most electrolytes, but you can help your pet recover more quickly by giving a drink like Pedialyte or even Gatorade. Some pets actually enjoy sweet, fruity flavors.

- Let her lick ice: Pets that have gone a long time without water may have trouble keeping fluids down. An alternative is to give an ice cube. As she licks it, it will slowly hydrate her system. Try to avoid letting your pet guzzle water. Getting an entire bowl of water at once can cause stomach upset which can result in vomiting, and less fluids actually getting in.

- Check her mouth: Occasionally dogs or cats will stop drinking if they get something lodged inside their mouth, like a burr. If your pet isn't drinking, take a careful look around. If you spy something in the mouth that shouldn't be there, try to get it out yourself or call your vet for advice.

*These tips are for home remedies only and should not ever be used as a substitute for any treatment that may have been prescribed by your veterinarian. If your pet has a medical problem, we urge you to seek competent medical care.

Next Thursday, I'll explain what different barks may mean. For instance, if a dog is whining between barks he may be telling you that he doesn't want you to leave the house. In the meantime, you tell me: How does your pet communicate wordlessly with you?

Alice England


Tuesday, August 17, 2010

And the winner is..................................


Thank you all and come back next week for another

And YOU get to pick!
By Patty from CatCalls & DogBarks

Can you imagine being the mother of THIS many children ALL the same age? HAH! I think I'd be dead! I have seven-born one at a time and that was enough! It's really quite amazing that an animal can have so many and not be screaming their brains out! I remember watching our black lab have her 13 pups and how she seemed to be in a meditative state , breathing, pushing gently, resting....until she popped out all 13. And then the fun AND work began! I wonder how our world would change if everyone could have just 10 minutes of play and cuddling with a puppy every day? I bet we'd see a revival of kindness, gentleness, and love that the world so desperately needs.

So-how many?? Did you count them!
Today, the puppy-loving, talented, and generous Kelly from
is offering one of the first 12 items in her shop as a giveaway prize! Yep-there's 12 pups, so you get 12 goodies to choose from! So browse through this fabulous selection of hand painted slates, jewelry, and greeting cards, ending with the "Land of the Free" slate.
1. Click on the link above and heart your favorite item.
2. Come back here and tell us in the comments which one you picked.
3. Include an address where we can find you.

That's All!
At 10 pm EDTtonight the winner will be chosen! So come back shortly after that to see if it's YOU!
PetsJubilee is a wonderful pet-loving "family" of Etsy shop owners who share the fun of pet owning and shop news. If you have an Etsy shop AND a pet and would like more info, please contact Shari at