Wednesday, August 17, 2011

There is a saying:

We become like those who we spend the most time with.

Perhaps your friend has naturally curly hair. I guess that's not so bad. Curls are cool...until it gets humid, of  course.   

And then there are the long, lanky ones with penetrating eyes who seem to look right through you. This can make others feel uncomfortable OR make them feel that you are really listening hard.  Make sure your friend is the  latter. 

Sneaky. Sly. Always looking for that perfect opportunity to creep in and get the goods. I suppose if you are interested in solving crimes, then being a bit slinky and snoopy is a fine quality. But this is really reserved for a very few. So pick your pals carefully. 

Now people....we all know there is a place in life for the unusual, out-of-the-ordinary. Like at the circus or house of horrors. If that is your aspiration - then go for it, honey! If not - I suggest you spend time with someone a bit more palatable to society. 

Like this one! We all like to make others laugh and to be the life of the party. So picking a jovial companion is a great idea! Can't go wrong with this one! 

Do you think you look  like your dog? 

By Patty 


Pauline said...

I think some people really DO look like their dogs.....just check people out at the coffee shop....we see loads of them here - anyways....maybe not in the U.S. lol

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PaniEva said...

I wish I looked like my greyound! Graceful, with beautiful mascara eyes, and these loooooong, looooong legs... Oh, well, at least our personalities are a pretty good match ;)