Tuesday, August 10, 2010

And YOU get to pick!

Aren't these the cutest!! Count how many. Who would you choose? I am especially partial to gray cats so this would be really tough! I wonder if that one with his eyes open is taking his turn as Guard Kitty?! One of the greatest blessings of pet ownership is babies! Maybe blessing AND burden! Cats, dogs, goats, horses, guinea pigs, fish, lizards, hamsters, gerbils (never again!), ducks...I always love the fresh new litters. But picking one to keep is sooooo hard!
But today YOU get to do just that-pick one! As part of the PetsJubilee Team, which I LOVE, and guest blogger for the day, I am offering you the pick of the litter in my Catcalls Shop! Did you count 11 kitties in the basket? I did-so here's the easy entry rules:

1. Look through the first ELEVEN items in my shop and heart your fave. (11th item is the NOW Kitty)
2. Come back here and post it in the comments section with an email to locate you if you win.
3. FOLLOW if you haven't already!

Open to everybody!

And if you have an Etsy shop that has anything to do with pets, please contact Shari to ask about getting involved in this wonderful group!

Hope you MEWsy on back next week!


Giupetto and Gianna Tails said...

My favorite is the orange kitty in the upper left hand corner. I never had an orange cat before.
Oh... we don't get to pick a kitty. LOL
My favorite in your shop is Roger - the kitty pillow!!! Too darn cute.
I have hearted it.
I am a follower.
My Email is

I love the picture of the kittens. I cannot believe there are 11 !!!

makingstuffwithlove said...

Patty, I think that that is one of the cutest photos I've ever seen in my life! What a clever idea -- a giveaway attached to those adorable kittens :) My favorite out of your shop is Charlie the Chumpy. He's been a favorite of mine for a while :) I had already hearted him though, so I went to Pearl and gave her a heart, too lol She's my next pick :) I've got to go tweet those kittens...


Pauline said...

My favorite is Edmond the Thrifty Kitty Pillow - I can just see our little Lucas smothering him with kisses.

These 11 kitties in the basket are adorable - my pick is the sweetest looking one - the one that is in the back row, fourth one over on the left. She looks like she is a calico.....love those kitties.

Excellent Blog, Patty!!

email is grandmasbandanas@shaw.ca

SassySashadoxie said...

Love the blog post patty. You did great with that cute kitty pic and the give away. Thank you.

Sasha picks Charlie the chumpie puppy. heehee. Not a kitty, but with in your first 7 items. Heehee.

Unknown said...

hi patty, i am terri of westerncritters and i think this is a cute idea. i have to agree with diana on the real kitty, that orange one is adorable. i hearted your catnip plush dog chumpies charlie listing # 49792681

my email is westerncritters@netzero.com

Nikkie said...

They are adorable! My kitty would love the mini snake mice. I picked the to heart that looks like my cat :)


RoadToGrinnell said...

AWW!!! I want to snuggle the basket of kitties...

Fun things in your shop for a cat lover! I like the plush kitty with a sheep patch on him, but I think this is my absolute fave. I would love to try it on my lazy senior cat. :)


Thank you for hosting!

Rachel - roadtogrinnell.etsy.com

AngelPups said...

Great idea and wonderful post, Patty! I've never been a cat person but since volunteering at the shelter, I'm coming around ;-) Which is why I chose Jefferson:


I love the pattern on him!

As far as the kitten photo~TOO CUTE!
Kelly & Crew

Anonymous said...

My fave is:
Cat Plush Pillow/ American Kitty Collection - Roger
Very sweet.
Email jessicalynjust@hotmail.com

Unknown said...

My favorite kitty is the orange on in the upper left hand corner. The one that has his head over the other kitty. When we first came to the US, my dad had a kitty just like this one name suki. Used to scare the bajesus out of me and my sister at night lol...

From your shop, I love the Greeting Card/ Cat Quilted Pink

Im a follower & my email is JewelrybySolange@aol.com

Heather W. said...


please convo thru shop

Unknown said...

So cute!
I hearted Pearl, I love her!! I may have to get her for my daughter's 1st birthday! She always sees animals like that and wants them since they don't run away hehe


Cody's Closet said...

The kittens are adorable and what a great giveaway! Love the blog!