Sunday, September 12, 2010

Ask The Petsjubilee Pets: Poo Eating

Warning: The advice and comments in the Ask The Petsjubilee Pets posts are for fun only and not meant in any way to represent real advice. Since the pets are the ones responding to the questions, the humans shall and forever remain blameless for whatever the animals post.

(Special thanks to Miss Suz for the picture above and for having to endure stares from her kitty owning neighbors while she was taking this picture.)

As promised from last week, we are answering this letter:

Dear Sasha- I has a bit of an embarrassing problem...I eats my own poo :( I just can't stops myself. Mommy and daddy get so mad at me and scold me and threaten to withholds treats from me. I don't wants them to be angers at me, but to me, its recycling - I just doin' MY part to helps the vironment...ok, thats a fib - I just has to eat anything and everything, rusty nails, bark off the tree, etc. How can I learn to lay off the poo? I think my folks would be most happy if I did that. Arrooooo to you and Charlie. just sign me Bad Breath Beagle

Dear Bad Breath Beagle,
Poo addiction is a tough one. I even had to call in a favor from the Queen Of The Poo Eating Dachshund Club (AKA-Miss Peewee with computer help from her human Miss Suz). There is a bad rumor going around amongst the humans that Poo eating is a disorder due to a vitamin deficiency. But, we dogs know the truth. It is an eating disorder that you think you are hungry all the time. When, treats or food is gone, you look for our own source of snacking. Similar to those humans that must have snack foods right after eating a big meal. Sometimes, it is grass, bugs, worms, sticks, and even your own poo. You shouldn't be ashamed. You just need to have your human hide good treats around the house and yard. (I do mean hide. Cause half the fun of poo eating is hunting the tootsie rolls down. Or so I have heard.) There is some examples of some yummy treats in the treasury pic at that the end of this post. (Hint hint to the humans out there.) The key is to let your human hide them when you aren't looking. That way you have to use your beagle nose to find them. Good luck, and if this doesn't work then call your local PEA (Poo Eaters Anonymous) for a 12 paw step program.
Your Friend In Fur,

Next Sunday we will be answering this letter and hopefully a few more (hint hint):

dear sasha,why won't my mommy and daddy let me chase the cats? i thought they got them for me to play with. They really look like fun the way they all play together, but mom says I play too rough. What does that word mean?bitey in bethlehem

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Cody's Closet said...

Too funny! Enjoyed this one. A good laugh and badly needed.

Giupetto and Gianna Tails said...

Great post. I LOVE that first picture. Perfect! Hee hee.
Great job on the answer, and also a great treasury.

makingstuffwithlove said...

That is a funny photo to begin with :) Good advice from Miss Sasha! I'll bet the Bad Breath Beagle liked it too, since the answer to the problem is more treats :)

Three Wishes Collective said...

what a great answer! and something i hadn't thought of before. personally, i always need a little something sweet after a meal, lol.

my word verification is doglo - just thought that was funny.

laughingfridge said...

hahahaha, I love that photo!! Hannah would be right there, ready to dine! Thanks for the well needed advice; I must try it!

doodypops said...

Of course I have a special place in my heart for this one!
Thanks for putting the Doodypops in the treasury at the bottom!!!

Garden Path Quilts said...

What a great idea, Sasha, about hiding treats around for our Emma! Signed, Emma's mom.

Unknown said...

That made me laugh! My LUlu beagle girl is starting to outgrow that bad habit thankfully. Her tastes are more refined now that she's a young lady.

I like the idea about hiding the snacks...gonna try that!

Art and Sew Forth said...

Appetizing little morsel...
Your answer was very informative Miss Sasha! I think Miss Bitey should write back after trying your suggestions!