Friday, October 1, 2010

The Poop Scoop- Sasha and Oscar's Looooove Connection

Today we are going to highlight another team looooove connection. Yep, you have to say it like its spelled looooove connection! You all may have heard on the team forum about Sasha the wonder wiener and her beloved Oscar. Now I am sure we will all hope and Pray for poor little Oscars quick recovery!

I wonder what the wonder Wiener puppies would look like?

Here is what Athena told me about their romance and how it came about:

They met on an on-line doxie blog back when she was just a pup. It was puppy luv at first sight of his photo and she was quickly smitten at his romantic letters. Of course, it was all supervised at first since she was such a youngster and Oscar was a bit older and wiser wienie than her. But, he held her paw through the new discoveries of life and her first BBQ. She was a bit worried with all the talk about roasting hot dogs and all. But, he guided her through all the tough times (vet visits, trips to the groomers, and of course her OD on mushrooms) and was right by her side. Then, a couple years ago he purposed and of course she said yes, but they are now waiting for the economy to turn around and to save up enough to be able to afford a nice wedding on the mere kibble wages the two are earning. Then, of course recently, Oscar had to have back surgery and Sasha was oh so worried about that. She sent him get well smooches and FB messages. Now, she is wondering with the vet bills and all how they will ever afford the wedding. But, she holds firm that she is Oscar's beloved and no furry man will ever take his place.

I See, May December romances CAN work! Here's hoping to see another Wedding soon!

Oscar's Mommy does KritterKraze shop on etsy with all the doggy clay pins she makes by the way. Oscars Daddy does Woodnwonders shop, too.




doodypops said...

Oscar looks like he is walking very well!Our dachshund brownie had that surgery and our cairn Schuster just had it a couple years ago too. He is also doing well, but yep, very expensive.

Athena, I love the Sasha/Oscar montage - you should give a tutorial on how to do all that!

Giupetto and Gianna Tails said...

I love the wienie wife song and the story. :-)
Poor Oscar, but he looks like he is such a Champ and doing real well. I am such a baby, seeing Oscar's little operation and being carried like that, it did brind a tear to my eye. I am very sensitive when it comes to our pets.

AngelPups said...

What a cute love story....they sound like a perfect match....soulmates ;-)
Praying for Oscar's quick recovery and windfall so you two can finally tie the knot!
Kelly & Crew

HappyDapperDogs said...

Ain't Puppy Love Grand! What a sweet story, music, and video! Glad to see Oscar doing so well after such a serious surgery. He's a brave boy! He looks just like my Boudreaux, so I fell in love with him too. Get well soon, I love you, Oscar!

Art and Sew Forth said...'s to Oscar's full recovery! What a handsome wienie! And I bet you won't even see any scar after that fur is back. You rock Oscar!

SassySashadoxie said...

Aww, so nice of you to feature Sasha and Oscar's romance on the blog Doody. Thank you.

Doxie kisses from Sasha.