Sunday, April 22, 2012

Squirrel Studies 102

Sasha here as your doxie instructor once again in Squirrel Studies 102.  You all did so well last time on the squirrel pawtrol that a little more training might make us even better.  So here we go.

From this video you can see that the Squirrel Pawtrol has developed a chemical from fermented pumpkins that makes squirrels more like dogs.  They are unable to climb trees which decreases their ability to drop nuts at us.  Also, they are more easily distracted by chasing their own tails.  I think we may need to do a bit more field tests with this pumpkin concoction though before wide spread use.


From this video, you can see a domestic disturbance with Mr. And Mrs. Seed Snatcher squirrels.  One thing to note is no critter should interfere during such situations.  Key signs of domestic disturbance is about to begin is when Mr. Squirrel reminds Mrs. Squirrel that she is suppose to be on a low seed diet.

This is a brand new video taken at the top secret squirrel lab 51.  You can see this kitty scientist is gathering much observational data from behind a 2 way glass wall.  The squirrels think they are at a new all you can eat bufett place.   New training is yet to come from the pioneering efforts of  all our hard working squirrel pawtrolers out there.


Art and Sew Forth said...

What a riot! Excellent narration, Sasha! I do wonder - in the last one, if the window were removed, how they would react to each other at first? I do think that they COULD have lots of fun together playing because of the unique and similar athletic abilities of each!

Giupetto and Gianna Tails said...

I thoroughly enjoyed the videos and Sasha's explanation as to what was really going on.