Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Show and Tell Tuesday

I thought it would be interesting to hear from a few team members, and hear a little about an item that they have made that holds some special interest to them, or that is one of their favorites.

I thought I would list them in the order in which they were received... with one exception. Let's start with our team leader Shari, from PetsJubilee and Ciaohound.

Here are some responses:

Shari responds that one of her favorite items are her carob cakes. She writes: "I like the name. I was thinking carrot cake, then decided to make carob cake. They're pretty and unique, and the dogs seem to go crazy over them."

I have to admit they look good enough for humans to eat, and I have to add that my dogs really love them. We also love her little birthday cakes, and could not resist the oportunity to add a picture here of my 2, Gianna and Giupetto having one of her birthday cakes. You can even see some of her vanilla doggie brownies on the sides of the plate.------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Carolyn from ForPawsAndHome writes:

"My favorite item I would have to say is my Funny Cat. I was working on my owl and thought, with a few adjustments this could be a cat.

Everytime I look at their comical faces they make me smile."

I would have to say I agree. I love her Funny Cat pillows. And I just had to show you the funny tail in the back as well.
I wonder if I can get her to make one for me in blue??


Athena from SassySashaDoxie was asked the same question. She says her favorite so far is this original hand drawn 9 x 12 artwork she titled: Weiner Dog Walking the Ward.

She says it is her favorite because it was inspired by a fellow team member's husband after a stay in the hospital, and also because of all the details and the humor in it.

It is a favorite of mine as well. Every time I look at it I see another funny bit of detail that I didn't see before. I also love her bookmarks, and her ACEOs...
but I think these bookmarks are MY current favorite right now.

Mary from PoodleLounge had a hard time choosing between 2 items, but choose this wonderful Dog Walking bag. Mary says - "I love these dog walking bags as they are so useful for anyone walking a dog anywear. I designed them myself to have every thing I could think of for walking a pooch from the bag dispensing grommet hole to the plastic sleeve for carrying the bag of poo or dog treats...with plenty of room for keys, phone, bottle of water, etc... and all this without being bulky or in the way."

Mary forgot to mention how great looking these bags are. This is just so eye catching. I love it. Her dog beds are really cool too. But these snoods for the poodles ears make me smile.


Next up is Alice from MakingStuffWithLove. When Alice was asked what is the favorite item in her shop, she was afraid her answer was boring - a needle felted dog. But she went on to say the following: "I tried to pick one as my favorite job of all, but was not able to do that...I have to say though, the work I've done for team members and multiple dog families stands out as fantastic to me! :)

I don't think the reason I picked the needle felted dog is boring at all - making the little dog itself is only part of the equation :) Meeting exciting and wonderful people constantly while making them is nothing short of addicting :) And not much is more fun to me than meeting a new dog! I chose this dog below because it was an order of 3 dogs, and the lovely owner featured the minis for the month of August in her annual calendar - which is a beauty! Such a nice surprise" :)

I am going to have to disagree with Alice here. My favorite of her items are the 2 dogs she did for me!! (It is also how Alice and I met.) --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Thanks to everyone for sending their comments and pictures. There will be more next week.





makingstuffwithlove said...

This was great!! I love hearing about how others get their ideas and turn them into precious, thoughtful projects :) I was going to tell my story AGAIN about how I met Diana, but was afraid I would repeat myself once too often lol Without these little dogs, I wouldn't know ANY of you PJ ladies -- through Diana, so they are priceless to me :) Great post, Diana!

Art and Sew Forth said...

What a delight to read about all my PJ buddies! I am so impressed with everything here. I feel so blessed to be a part of such a loving, talented group!

poodlelounge said...

Wonderful post ! I really enjoy all of my PJ friends and is most interesting and inspiring to hear about thoughts on their projects and how they came about. Super way to share and looking forward to more !

Giupetto and Gianna Tails said...

Thanks guys.

SassySashadoxie said...

Diana, what an awesome post and thanks for including us in it. I agree it is so neat hearing how people come up with stuff and know more about the people behind the products. Go PJ team!!

Pauline said...

Diana - This was great:) Loved how you put it all together into a blog and made it personal for each of the P J team who sent in their favorite items.

Each story was so neat to read and just shows how so very individual we all are.

I particularly enjoyed how all the colors went together with everything......made it very pleasing to the eye. :)

Now I'll have to decide what that favorite of mine is lol :)