Sunday, March 27, 2011

Sasha's Interview: The Answers.

Sasha here. I have been going through all the convos of the last week looking for all your answers. I am hoping my doxie eyes didn't miss anyones. If I did, so very sorry. Please, let me know, and I will peek through the convos again to see where I missed you. Then, do a bit of editting. Now, off to the answers of the interview questions.

1. If you could make the world a better place just by doing one thing, then what would it be?

poodlelounge- remove money and use only trades or remove all toxins so everyone would feel and be healthier

crittersandcrafts- find a cure for cancer

Makingstuffwithlove- And I think the second part of this question is: And why aren’t you doing it? I say that before my answer, which is typical of us all I think: I’d stop all cruelty towards animals. Not a very imaginative answer, but one I wish for daily. I’m doing all I can do towards it -- with the zoo I call my pets :)

DianaDesignsNY- So many things I wish I could do, so I will throw out the very first thing that came to mind. I wish I could sprinkle some dust around the world, so there would be no more hunger.But in the hopes of keeping this a lot more lighted hearted, and on a much smaller scale, I wish I could sprinkle some fairy sales dust on the PJ peeps that they might have a year of lots and lots of sales.

CamargoCreations- I would start my own dog rescue because I can't think of a better world than one where no animal has to suffer.

Sasha- You all had such great ideas. The only thing my little doxie mind could come up with is give more kisses than barks. But, then again I am just a little wiener dog.

2. If you could make any balloon animal, what animal would you make?

poodlelounge- poodle noodle balloon of course crittersandcrafts- horse makingstuffwithlove- Sasha will like this one: I’d make a doxie :) They are the perfect animal for balloons -- long and skinny lol

DianaDesignsNY- Now I bet everyone would think I would say a doggie, but nope. I would love to make either a lop-eared bunny, because I love bunnies, or a monkey. What a funny balloon animal that would be.

CamargoCreations- A Tortoise. I just love them. I think they are amazing creatures.
Sasha- Wow, I never sees balloon horsies or tortoises. Then, bunnies, poodles, and monkeys, oh, my!! I guess since mommy doesn't let me play with balloons cause I might choke on them I will have to go with a balloon Bobo if I could.

3. What are two foods that you feel should never be combined?

poodlelounge- hot chili soup and ice cream , I like both but not together crittersandcrafts- hot sauce and ice cream (my son has tried it) LOL

makingstuffwithlove- This is awful, but the first thing that came to my mind is mustard and warm water -- Yuck! The reason? It is a home remedy for causing a person to throw up :( So don’t try it unless you are looking for this result…

DianaDesignsNY- This one had me stumped. Every time I came up with something it didn't sound so bad. Like pasta and peanut butter - then I thought of Chinese food - Noodles in sesame paste, and that is what it takes like - pasta and peanut butter. So how about ... chicken pot pie and chocolate. Ick.

CamargoCreations- Peanut Butter (my favorite) and mustard (which I am allergic to)

Sasha You know all that stuff didn't sound so bad to me except the chocolate chicken pot pie cause well you know us dogs can't have chocolate. I guess two foods that just should not be combined for me is grass and mushrooms. Bad mushroom trip as a pup! So now I can't even look at mushrooms and not want to run the other way.


makingstuffwithlove said...

Those were great! lol I love all the different answers :) I was afraid I was answering like everybody else, so I am glad we all had different, interesting answers. This was fun! Thanks Sasha :)

poodlelounge said...

yes, this was a fun one. very interesting to compare what we all think like. thank you

Art and Sew Forth said...

How fun! Great answers. I am sad I didn't get to answer. next time i must leave a note to myself. I especially liked all the first ones.

Unknown said...

This was so much fun! I loved reading everyone's answers. It was nice to find out a little bit more about each other.