Sunday, March 13, 2011

Prayers And Healing Thoughts For Japan!

We all know about the massive devastation that has taken place in Japan this last week. Sasha and I are deeply saddened by all that has happened. So many lives lost. The damage is almost incomprehensible.

Right now, I am hoping and praying more lives will be saved than lost. The families that are grieving will be helped, and the Japanese people's fear will be lessened. I pray the missing will be found and families reunited. I pray that those that are suffering will be helped and the world's hearts will join in peace for the rebuilding of Japan.

We made a special treasury that features some ETSY folks that are donating all or part of the proceeds of their work to various relief funds. It is called Japan Relief Effort ETSY Style. You can get to it by clicking on the photo above. If you wish to share your prayers or thoughts for the people of Japan, then please leave a comment either here or on the treasury.

If you wish to do something to help, but can not donate for whatever reason. I would urge you to consider volunteering or giving blood. Call your local red cross or maybe a local Japanese Culture Center to see how you can be of service locally while other trained workers are off helping with the disaster relief in Japan.


Shari Lynne said...

very well said, Sasha! This is just overwhelming and I pray that the survivors can find peace and comfort soon.

and yes, please check with your local red cross chapter to see what else can be done to help with the relief effort.

Heather W. said...

Such a tragedy!
Thanks for posting this info!