Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Fun Cat Facts

THE AMAZING (and not so amazing) FELINE

~ Felines sleep two thirds of the day. 
On average, the facts about cats confirm they generally sleep about two thirds of every day. If you do the math, it means your nine-year-old kitty has pretty much slept away about six years of life. Chances are, they'll find a particular place they enjoy and it becomes their favorite napping spot.
~ Cats have human-like emotions.
A cat's brain shares some remarkable similarities to a human brain. Although experts disagree on the depth and range, all confirm that kitties feel emotions similar to people. Happiness, excitability, playfulness, depression and anger are all there. Perhaps that's why you think your cat likes to retaliate?
~ Cat bites are dangerous.
It's true - the bite from a cat can be toxic and dangerous. According to the existing facts about cats and their owners, approximately 40,000 individuals are bitten by cats in the United States every year. Vets recommend treatment for serious bites from your doctor as it IS possible to die if left untreated and an infection develops. 
~ Cats can jump high.
Did you know that some cats can jump up to five times their own height in just one leap? Hmmm....guard those tuna fish sandwiches with your life! And perhaps those lovely prized art pieces from your friends! 
~ Cats have internal GPS systems.
Lost cats really can find their way home. Various experts point to sunlight angles, the earth's magnetic fields and another capability referred to as PSI Traveling. Whatever the case, recorded facts about cats confirm their often long and arduous journeys to reach home and a favored human companion.
~Cats can use pet doors.
Cats can use doggie doors!  Know who came up with the idea? Gravity King Sir Isaac Newton! According to various tales passed down over the years, Newton was experimenting with light in a darkened room and one of his most prized cats (reportedly named "Spithead") kept opening the door and disrupting the experiment. To keep his work intact and allow the cat free roam, he cut a small hole in the door and covered it with cloth. That evolved into what is today known as a pet door, suitable for both cats and dogs.
~ Cats have a lot of hair.
A cat's body is covered with approximately 130,000 hairs for each square inch. Everybody knows what that means for your house or apartment: hair, hair, everywhere! I am going to patent a Cat De-Hairifier. It will be a tube about 18" high and three feet long with holes all around for attaching about 10 vacuum tubes. It will have 'oil de nip' rubbed on the inside. Cat walks in and searches wildly for the catnip; all the while his hair is being sucked out. Great idea, don't you think?!
~ Cats can use the toilet...and they can flush.
Possible? Really? According to experts you can really train your cat to use the toilet!
Cat Facts was taken partially from THIS article.
By Patty from Catcalls 

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