Tuesday, November 16, 2010


Hi. I thought I would do something a little different today.

We love our pets. Not only do they give us that nurturing feeling, but also a sense of need and importance. They depend on us for food and shelter. And what do we get in return? Unconditional love and joy, and sometimes even laughter.

Have you had a good belly laugh lately?

Sunday, out of the blue, Gianna runs up to me, tilts her head to the side (she can look really cute when she wants) and zooms off into the other room, stops, tilts her head, and zooms back, tags my legs, and zooms back in the other direction again, and she kept doing it. Well, I started laughing out loud, and the more I laughed the more she kept doing it, and the more she continued, the more I laughed. She looked like she was laughing too.

I have 2 dogs and they love to play together, but Gianna, the black dog, is the instigator. She will even pull Giupetto off the couch by his ear to play with her. I have seen them play games similar to tag and hide and seek. Gianna even has her "safety" zones, like under the kitchen bar stool. I just love to watch them play.

The following is a video I finally got of them playing. (You see whenever I have the camera they think they have to pose. You will see them stop a few times and look.) You will also see one of Gianna's hiding places behing the corner of the bed spread, but I don't think she has Giupetto fooled.

There is no sound to this video, but Giupetto makes a lot of noise and Gianna is very quiet when they play.

I would love to here how your pets play. Do they play with each other? With you? With a toy? Perhaps a cute or funny antic that they do.

Post below - and then come back tonight or maybe tomorrow to read the others.

Hope you liked the video and blog.

Diana of:




Three Wishes Collective said...

Awww - that was so much fun! They are so precious together! Velvet will just all of the sudden take off zooming around the couch and grab our pants legs or sleeves like "come chase me"; last night she dragged her blankie out to the living room so that we would play peek a boo with her (she loves to burrow under the blanket and I think she thinks she's invisible under there, lol). When she wants to play with a toy, she'll drop one at our feet. We'll throw it and a lot of times she'll come back with a different toy.

Giupetto and Gianna Tails said...

Oh, I love Velvet more and more with each story. She is so cute.
Thank you for sharing.

SassySashadoxie said...

Aww, your two look like wrestling little mops. They are so cute.

You have all scene Sasha and Charlie play and of course Sasha with her toys. They are just characters and you know they do help you laugh more each day.

Pauline said...

Loved watching your wonderful 'kids' play and stop and look in case they are suppose to 'pose'. so incredibly cute....

loved this post, Diana!!

doodypops said...

Nicky and Sassy play. They will be outside and stare at each other and suddenly start chasing! Sassy is starting to try to play with Schuster, but I think he is shy about it. He does however try to get her up in the morning by picking up her toys and shaking them in front of her crate!

makingstuffwithlove said...

Since most of mine are older, we don't get a lot of that play any more -- that is, until Jake. If James ever leaves the room, he goes wild getting Montana. He goes for the ear, then the tail, then the ear, then the tail, pulling on Montana's hair. Jake also loves his toys. He keeps up with them really well and gives each its fair share of chewing lol

Art and Sew Forth said...

How fun! Such little balls of energy! I can't say my piggies play together, but there is definitely a difference in how they feel about being out of their cages. CG-the fat-will usually just sit in one place and not move. Tooey will take off and run for a while then hide under the couch and be bad, and Thea will just run run run and seems to thoroughly love being out!

Giupetto and Gianna Tails said...

I think your guinea pigs are playing. :-)
We enjoyed your stories as well. Thanks.
Diana, Giupetto and Gianna