Thursday, November 4, 2010

Dogs -- Animal or Human?

Those who think that dogs don’t know how to think and reason are too stubborn to acknowledge the evidence that exists and the experiences that almost every dog owner has shared in some way: Think about what happens when you take your suitcases out of the closet. I’ll bet that your dog displays a reaction. He makes the association that you are planning to leave and go someplace without him. That takes the ability to reason. Look at guide dogs for the blind who learn what is called ‘intelligent disobedience’. These dogs take it upon themselves to disobey the owner’s command if carrying out that command would be dangerous to their master based on information the dog can assess but the master can’t. Even though they want to please their master more than anything in the world, they’ll disobey.

There is no animal that is more willing to be playful with us than the dog. Much of that play is the kind that makes us laugh -- chasing a ball and doing all the silly things we see our dogs do. They know that we find these things funny -- they can hear us laughing -- and they repeat the thing that cracked us up. Just in terms of pure observation, you would have to say they understand the concept of humor and get the same kick out of it that we do. That mischievous side is something most dog owners know about firsthand. Dogs are a great source of fun and laughter, and humor is a powerful tool in reducing stress.

Another benefit dog owners have over the rest of the population: People think more highly of you if you’re a dog owner, one study showed. Some night while watching television count the number of times you see a commercial that includes a dog. You might be surprised and you’ll get the idea, too. The manufacturer wants you to think of them as trustworthy and friendly -- just like our favorite companion, the dog.

Alice England

Here is a video that is a bit tricky to figure out. First, you think Sasha is just snooping in the newly arrived petsjubilee team box. Then, you see she has already discovered the treats are all gone and she is actually trying to close the box back up. One item falls out and that is when she looks to Mommy for help. Now, don't tell me she is just an ANIMAL! Athena.


makingstuffwithlove said...

Sasha is hilarious! She's trying to re-pack her box lol That is so cute! You are right -- she's thinking ahead :)

HappyDapperDogs said...

Presonally, I believe they have Super Powers! Like being able to hear the UPS truck 2 blocks away, and smelling when another dog is walking by the house...and then there is the mental telepathy thing, where your dog can sit and stare at you until you realize it's 10:00pm, cheese snack time!...this works even with the time change. :D

[I think dogs are the most amazing creatures; they give unconditional love. For me they are the role model for being alive. ~Gilda Radner

Giupetto and Gianna Tails said...

This entire post is just so true.
I noticed that about commercials, and you're right, I actually like the company or product more when I see they like dogs. LOL
But as I was reading about how they love to see us laugh and play, that is so true. Gianna just LOVES to play with me. The more I laugh, the more she seems to "frolic" which is the way she runs and hops to fetch her toys and the more I laugh the more she wants to continue the play.
And I can go on and on about Giupetto and how smart he is, and what I mean by that is he seems to be able to reason things out. I have often said he must be part human because of this.
Great post.
I couldn't see the video and will try again on another computer.

Art and Sew Forth said...

I wondered why people didn't think as highly of me as they did my son and DIL!
Great post, as usual,Alice! And Sasha...I hope you got the help you were ASKING for!

Cody's Closet said...

Fabulous post! I couldn't agree more that dogs have reasoning powers. I see it all the time with both of mine.

When you look into Cody's eyes you can see the intelligence and alertness. Copper is smart too in other ways. He much more playful and a hunting dog through and through.

doodypops said...

great post! and so true! My first cairn Simon would watch TV and get up to get a drink or go out on the commercials- unless it was a commercial with a horse- he hated those and memorized the music so that if he were in another room, he would come running in to bark at it. He also loved the movie Snow Dogs! he would watch the whole thing and even the credits where they have the silhouettes of the dogs- he could recognize silhouettes too in commercials. When we changed the furniture around once, he would sit in his regular spot, but turn to see the TV. I always wondered what he got out of watching the news....he would though. We couldn't watch animal planet because he went nuts!
I miss him!

Three Wishes Collective said...

what a great post and I love all the comments!

I know Velvet is super smart! She can reason, trick us, tell time, act/pretend and plan escape routes.