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SHOW AND TELL TUESDAY - I've been asking some PetsJubilee team members what their favorite item is that they have sold or made for someone, and why it is a favorite. Or is there a special connection or meaning to the item or the sale. This is Part 2 (in the order received): Sue (FrumsGlassManagerie) writes the following; "It is so hard to choose just one favorite of my handcrafted items, but if pressured to choose one, I'd pick the nightlight I made for an Etsy team challenge. The theme was "irregular dogs." I can over look my beginner stain glass techniques and call it a favorite because of the subject. It is the irregularities that make each of us special. My own dog was rescued along with 9 other dogs from a very neglectful situation; She is the poster dog for "irregular." We named her Gemma, which means precious gem or stone in italian. We call her our diamond in the rough. She is a survivor, whos most obvious imperfection is her tongue. It shows scars from fighting for food, It is hard to believe such a gentle, trusting soul, would be able to defend herself." Photo of nightlight lit: Gemma Light Photo of nightlight: Handpainted Gemma Light Photo of Gemma: Leg Lifts--Gemma style Thanks so much Sue. I can see that she is a diamond in the rough, and quite special. I LOVE the nightlight. Check out Sue's shop for the prettiest glass jewelry as well. I recently purchased this wonderful gem (and I wear it all the time): ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Stephanie (ChocolateKennels) was asked the same question. Here is her response: "My favorite item out of all the items I have done is the Ocean Sea Pet TuTu The reason it is my favorite is because Its very unique and I love aqua since it is my birthday stone color. It is also the only tutu that I can seem to create over and over again with out any problems and its my best seller." I have to admit this is so pretty, and I love the color as well. Stephanie makes great hair bows and storage boxes too. I just had to throw this picture in here. What a cutie in the precious pink tutu: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Patty (Catcalls) had the following to say:

"That is really an impossible question! So I just picked one fairly recent one. Full Tummy " Why did she choose Full Tummy? "Full Tummy has lots of PURRsonality. I can see the satisfaction on the kitty's face, and the position she is lying in is one that betrays her inner thoughts of, "Now, THIS is the life!"

This painting really is hysterical as is all of Patty's art work. Patty has 2 shops. I recently purchased a few ACEOs from her dog themed shop (DogBarks).

You have to love her humor.


Allison (JiggyPiggyBoutique) was also asked to pick her favorite. This is hers: "My favorite item in my shop is the play tunnel." WHY? "Visually they become my favorite because of the patterns I use. I spend hours harping over what will accent a guinea pigs personality. However, ultimately they are my favorite because when I see them I can picture the squeaks and popcorn attacks my guinea pigs have when they play with them. It is by far their favorite toy and it makes me wonder why they like it so much. Do they think passing through it will take them somewhere else?!? Who knows!" Between seeing Allison and Patty with their guinea pigs I wish I had one too. If I did I would definitely buy some of these play tunnels. They really look like fun to me. This little face cracks me up: ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Next up is Hilary (SewingLoves) Hilary says her favorite item is - "Chas the Needle Felted Mouse. When I was making Chas, I wasn't exactly happy with how he was coming out. Right after I finished him though, I realized I loved him and if he sold I would miss him more than any other item I had ever made. " I also think that mouse is just the cutest little thing. My favorite of hers WAS this heart shaped pin cushion so I bought it. LOL (pssst. she has another in her shop in lavender):More to come next week.

If anyone would like to be featured in an upcoming blog, just tell me your favorite item or sale, and a quick story as to why.

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makingstuffwithlove said...

Yay!! I love these! You do such a good job, Diana, in showing off each individual :) Sue, I am so glad Gemma has found a home with you! I got a good laugh at Alison thinking the piggies were thinking they were going somewhere else through their tunnels :) All great choices!

Art and Sew Forth said...

This was fabulous! I can so relate to Alison's comments about her piggies and what they think! They are incredibly fun AND funny!
Sue's night light is just gorgeous. What a work of art...and of course Gemma is such a sweet thing.
I agree that the aqua tutu is beautiful...love that color as well.
I completely understand Hilary's anticipated sadness over Chas's leaving! I get attached as well. And he is so darling. I wish I could have all these lovelies!

HappyDapperDogs said...

Such a talented bunch! I'm so proud to be a part of such a devoted team of artists. HuRRay for PetsJubilee!

FrumsGlass said...

What a fun and fantastic post! Diana did a super job of highlighting each team member. I'm so proud to be a member and to be featured among all these talented artists.

SassySashadoxie said...

Aww, there is so much talent on our team. I love all of them and what people say about their work. Diana, thank you for featuring our teammates.