Tuesday, January 4, 2011


Well the last 2 weeks I have been occupied with the holidays, orders, trying to organize, and other things and have not had the time to think about new blog materials or games, so I thought I would share the following with you, and hope that you enjoy it.

I got a new video camera for Christmas so I have been determined to get Gianna and Giupetto at play.

Here is a usual example of what I get when I take out the camera.

We did go to our little house in Pennsylvania last weekend, and I did manage to get a little play time on film out in the snow:

Here they are pretending they are cats and playing tag:

Then, back in NY, I finally got them wrestling on video. Giupetto, who is usually the mild mannered one, is the one making all the noise. He also likes to pull her by her sweater. Now don't worry about her, she could take him if she wanted to, she is just loving this:

It is so much fun having the two of them around the house. Hope you liked my home videos.





makingstuffwithlove said...

Oh Diana! They are just darling :) I could sit and watch all day. Gianna is so cute in the snow, trying to get Giupetto to play. Such cute little babies! I love the two of them like my own :)

Art and Sew Forth said...

I would say Gianna has fully recovered!! They are so cute. So nice to be buddies and play like that!

FrumsGlass said...

Gianna and Giupetto are so cute. They play so nice together.

Pauline said...

Loved watching these, Diana! Such great little kiddos. Loved your voice, too. I enjoy your accent so much :)

Three Wishes Collective said...

They are sooooo precious! I could just scoop them up and hug on them all the time, lol. Thank you for sharing those wonderful videos!