Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Goals to Reality

Last Wednesday I shared some thoughts on reflecting over the past year and listed some questions to help us see that we really have made progress in life. I thought it appropriate to follow up with new goals for this year. Annie has already shared some excellent thoughts on resolutions in previous posts. Today, I wanted to encourage us to share one goal and how you will achieve it. This way, we can keep each other accountable, share suggestions that might help others reach their goal, and pray for one another to succeed.

One of my major goals is to double my income from my shops. This will allow me to remain home with my boys so I can continue to home school them and be here for them. My two main objectives for achieving this are:

1. To list 10 items per week

2. To reopen my Beyond5 shop by March 1st with a new look and inventory

So far, I have created something every day. This was how my creation for Tuesday came about.

As part of a home school art assignment, we each quickly sketched 30 of one kind of animal. We chose our favorite one and were to embellish it in any way we wanted. (This part is due on Thursday-but I finished mine already!) These are a few of my sketches.

I chose the one I liked best and enlarged it on another sheet of paper.

I made a pattern on paper I found in my craft drawer (which you would not want to look at!) and cut it out.

From there, I added features and feet along with a tail. Until…tada! Stella was born!

Goals are great. But they are only dreams unless we break them down to a daily plan of achievement. What is one of your goals? How will you achieve it? If you have any great ideas of how I can reach this goal…please feel free to comment!

Dream Big…..

then bring it down to earth and give it a face, arms, and legs!



Catcalls and Dogbarks


SassySashadoxie said...

Aww, Patty love how the little homework assignment became a reality.

Sasha has one dream and she says is for wiener dogs to TOTW. But, like most doxies she has trouble with the planning it out part. heehee.

Listing ten items a week. So that is rougly one per day and maybe extra one on Monday, Wed, and Fri.

I would do 7-8 small items and 2-3 larger items per week.

But, I personally wouldn't list so much during the low months on etsy that Jan. Feb tend to be. I would focus more on building up stock and listing once a day or every other day or when items sell. Also, focus on creating a few items that are really something different.

I hope that helps. I know you will do well Patty this year.

Giupetto and Gianna Tails said...

Paaty, loved your post. The homework assignment looked great, and I love what you came up with. I also love that middle cat with the round cat bottom. LOL I like the cat bottom left, but that one might be harder to keep the head up once it is stuffed.

In addition to my eating healthier, I would also like to make a plan to get things listed in my smaller shop. I have several ready to ship items, esp for the different holidays, that I really need to inventory, size and list. A written plan of attack sounds like a good idea.

Shari Lynne said...

I went with a "theme" this year as Annie discussed in her blog post last week. My theme is Faith, Hope and Love with a tagline of Prayer. The big picture of this theme is to spend as much time as possible with God and with family and friends. I started a new blog dedicated to how best achieve this.

I think your goal of 10 listings a week is a great way to double your business and achieve your main goal. I also enjoy seeing your process for your newest creation :)

makingstuffwithlove said...

I have a big dream and also a 'secret'... I am going to quit smoking this year. Yes, I am so sorry to admit it, kind of like having a disease these days. But I feel that with the help and support you all already give me, I may be able to step into this HUGE dream :)