Sunday, January 23, 2011

Story Time: Continued from last week

This week the story will continue from last week because it was requested by someone who shall remain nameless. This is the link to last week's story and please read the comments to see where it left off. After this week's new addition, please add to this story in the comments below. Also, click on the pictures to see how you can get that item for your very own. Thank you.


The clouds started to rain drops of blue kool-aid. The littlest wienie tasted a drop on the end of his nose. That is very good he thought. He started to jump up and catch the rain drops as they fell.

Bree and Baxter thought this was not good because the little wienie was getting too much sugar. He was jumping higher and higher. He then started to sing and dance and spin around in circles. He was having a major sugar high!

The two children Baxter and Bree knew they had a problem now. How are they going to get passed The Giant Squirrel's mind control with a hyper little wienie dog.

The two children tried their best to catch the littlest wienie, but the wienie was too fast for them. He ran deeper into the dark forest singing all the way.

The wienie dog crashed into a large tree and then started to roll around in the grass on the ground. He was still rolling and twitching and twisting around when the two children caught up with him.

The littlest wienie finally crashed from exhaustion with his tongue hanging out. He was panting and shaking.

The children went over to comfort the little wienie when they noticed that the tree he crashed into wasn't a tree after all. It was...

"Squirrel!" barked the littlest wienie dog.

The children were already frozen from the Giant Squirrel's mind control.

"They are my slaves now little wienie dog and soon I will rule the world!" Evil squirrel chattering.

"No way evil squirrel mastermind. Us wienie dogs will never let you rule the world." Bark bark bark growl....

Just as the epic battle for world domination was about to begin, along came the blue fairy.


makingstuffwithlove said...

"Stop!" she cried.

Giupetto and Gianna Tails said...

But it was too late. The little wienie dog had run at the squirrel and was biting his ankles.
The squirrel turned and with a powerful swipe of his tail, slammed the wienie dog against the tree knocking him out cold.
Then the squirrel snatched up the boy and ran off into the forest.

The blue fairy woke up Bree, and told her what happened.

"Oh no", cried Bree. "What am I to do now?"

"Well, if you can get some of the magic milk, it will help this little wienie dog." said the fairy in a soft whisper.

"But how will I find it alone? And how will I fight off the giant squirrel?"

"I can go with you and keep you safe", whispered the blue fairy.

"But what about my brother? We have to go find Baxter."

"I can follow the giant squirrel and keep my eye on your brother.
Or, maybe I should stay here and keep the little wienie dog safe."
The blue fairy turned to the little girl. "The choice is yours, little one"

Bree only had to think for a second. "Hurry, go with my brother. Keep him safe. Hurry."

And as quick as she had appeared, the blue fairy was gone.

Now how was Bree going to find that river without the wienie dog's help. Bree decided the best thing to do was to carry the wienie dog with her on the journey.

makingstuffwithlove said...

Slowly and carefully, to avoid doing any more harm, Bree picked up the limp little dog. He wasn't heavy at all, but was completely out of it. She was a bright girl, so before continuing she gathered her scattered provisions together and was able to carry everything she needed without too much trouble, including the lifeless little dog. She was terribly worried about her brother, even though she knew he had protection from the blue fairy. She felt the best thing she could do now was to continue alone to find the magic milk.

The forest became darker as she continued ahead, unsure if she was even on the right path. She jumped with every snap of a twig she heard, frozen with fear that another evil squirrel would appear. After more than an hour of hesitant, stealthy little steps, she suddenly realized that she was very very hungry.

With a quick glance around, Bree took shelter under a small bush and looked to see what the Mother wienie had packed for them to eat.

There were several small wrapped packages. In the first package Bree found some soft, buttery bread. She then had begun to unwrap what looked like a wedge of cheese when she noticed the nose on the little wienie dog was moving a little. The smell of the food was waking him up!

SassySashadoxie said...

Bree, put just a tiny bite of cheese on the little wienie dogs tongue. It worked. He was up and wiggling around good as new.

Bree and the little wienie dog just finished eating their lunch, when the little blue fairy popped back into view.

"Hurry! Over by the stream, the squirrel has your brother."

Bree and the little wienie ran as fast as they could to the small stream running down a small rock structure. The squirrel had the boy hidding his nuts in several locations using his mind control. Baxter was just digging another hole with his hands when his Sister shouted his name. Baxter looked up and scurried behind the giant evil squirrel.

"You can't have him!" woof woof grooowled the littlest wienie dog.

"And how are you going to stop me you little shrimp of a dog." Evil Squirrel Chattering.

Suddenly, the little wienie dog let out a great big "AROOOOOOORROOOOOO!" howl.

The squirrel covered his ears with his little claws. Baxter came out and said, "Bree I feel kind of wierd."

The squirrel shreeked and started to convulse. Then, he shrank down smaller and smaller and smaller. He was just a regular size squirrel again.

"Wow, I did that." barked the little wiener dog.

The blue fairy was shaking her head yes, but when the littlest wienie wasn't looking she pointed to her wand and said, "With a little help from my little friend here."

The two children were so happy the evil squirrel was not so big anymore. The littlest wienie chased the squirrel up into the nearest tree.

The children started to walk back to the stream when they noticed the stream was coming out of a large pile of nuts. They pulled a few nuts loose at the bottom and wow, the hole pile started to fall. The children and the wienie dog jumped out of the way just as a river of milk and cookies was flowing full force from where the stream use to be.

The children gathered up enough magical milk to revive the other wienies and went back to the gingerbread house.

Once, there they transformed the wienies back into wiener dogs. They stayed and played and then took the left over milk back home since they didn't have time to go to the market.

The three wienies followed them home. Their mom loved the little wienies so very much that they made them a part of their family for the rest of the wienie dogs lives. They all lived happily ever after. The end.