Tuesday, January 17, 2012


Giupetto says:
Sometimes you just have to show your best side:

How you doing?

I actually told him to stay so I could get the camera. I took some pics, and when I came back, more than 5 minutes later he was still in this position.
Well, I couldn''t leave our Gianna out, or DaVinci, so I added this picture I thought was funny.
Gianna likes to lie down right under the bird, DaVinci's, play gym, so she can be the first at any food he drops.
I think sometimes DaVinci tries to aim his food and toys so they fall right on top of her.

Hope you enjoyed these pics.



Unknown said...

LOL so funny! He is such a poser! & too funny about Gianna being under Davinci's gym. They do anything for food...dont they?

Three Wishes Collective said...

Guipetto is so sweet! Hope DaVinci is ok with his feathers and sends some food Gianna's way.

Art and Sew Forth said...

How funny - 5 minutes without moving! Amazing! Poor DaVinci - although it seems he doesn't really mind. Maybe he just doesn't want any attention so he is trying to uglify himself! Or maybe he is just in a rebel phase...

kc said...

guipetto is a little clown sometimes. i think he likes to make his mommy laugh. gianna is smart, she knows where it's at. poor davinci.