Sunday, January 22, 2012

Sasha And Sunshine!

Hi all it's me Sasha.  Mommy said I could do the team blog tonight cause she didn't knows whats to blog about.  So here I is in Mommy's human sized snuggle sack.  I was just minding my own business trying to keep warm when I felt this warmness embrace my cold little wiener dog body.  Almost thought for a moment that Charlie wet the snuggle sack, but I knows he doesn't do that kind of thing.  Then, I peeked my head out and there was sunshine.  Lots of it, too.

So I wents to my favorite lookout point to see if the sun was really shining.  It was and so I called Charlie over cause you know his old bones needs lots of sun to keep warm.  That and his butt makes a good pillow.  But, don't tells him that.

Hey, Mommy put down that book and look the snow is starting to melt.  The sharp ice daggers that hang from the roof started to fall and make weird sounds.  So I had to woof at them to let them know that any squirrels they happen to accidentally squish will be mine once the back gate is open again for us to play in the backyard.  Which at this rate should be around June. heehee.

Well, Mommy wouldn't put down her book to look at the melting snow and falling ice daggers so I decided to get comfortable.  You gots to work on your doxie sun tan whenever you can in the winter you knows.

Aw, this is a good doxie life.  Now where did my Charlie butt pillow go off to now?


Giupetto and Gianna Tails said...

Sasha, you are such a pretty girl.
I love that picture under the snuggle sack.
You know, Gianna uses Giupetto as a butt pillow too.

makingstuffwithlove said...

Yes, Sasha is a smart girl :) I am so glad you all got some sunshine! I always love the photos of Sasha looking out the window :)

Three Wishes Collective said...

Sasha - you are so cute. I wish we had a ray of sunshine here. Velvet would love to lounge in it.

Unknown said...

Awww that's so sweet! We were waiting for the sun yesterday but it never came out :( Maybe today!

PS - Mocha hides as far from the sun as he can ;)

Art and Sew Forth said...

The mind of Sasha the doxie - always so entertaining and rational! Very cute story!

kc said...

sashaworld is a beautiful place. lucky girl to have a butt pillow!