Thursday, January 19, 2012

So, what is it about a squeaky toy that dogs find so appealing?

The excitement your dog feels when he plays with a squeaky toy is instinctual - it goes back to a time when dogs had to hunt and kill prey to survive. Hunting is just a natural part of being a dog. The squeaky noises of prey animals would help dogs locate their prey - and the noises the prey animals made during the kill were very satisfying to a hungry dog.

"Hunting" a squeaky toy gives your dog the same type of satisfaction. And the more the toys squeaks, the more excited your dog becomes. That's why so many dogs will try to "kill" the toy by destroying it and pulling out the squeaker.

A good squeaky toy can provide lots of fun play and mental stimulation for your dog. They're excellent toys. But when you purchase a squeaky toy for your dog, make sure to put safety first.

Make sure the toy does not have a lot of pieces that can be chewed off and swallowed. Look for features (eyes, nose, etc.) that are embroidered onto the toy, not attached. Also, once your dog chews through the toy, he could swallow the squeaker or the fiberfill stuffing inside. This can be very dangerous. That's why it is so important to supervise your dog's play.

What is you dog’s favorite squeaker toy?

Alice England


Giupetto and Gianna Tails said...

Giupetto's favorite toy is his very old and greying small white ghost toy - called "ghost toy". He takes it to bed with him every night, and we have gone through some mourning each time he looses it for a few days. Usually because he hid it and forgot where - like maybe in the flower pot outside.
And he has one in PA, an also old blue fish toy.
Gianna's favorite is her green frog with bungie legs, but really anything I will throw for her to fetch.
Her new favoite right now is Patty's long rope toy. She likes to go shopping in the big whicker basket of toys now and then.
My furkids are very easy with their toys.

Art and Sew Forth said...

I think Haylee would be a fantastic hunter then! She rips toys apart is literal seconds! Her toys are all just leftover 'bodies' void of squeakers and filler. Just skins...LOL.

Unknown said...

omg Daisy goes nutzo for anything squeaky. She likes to chew on eyes, arms -anything she can get her paws on. I tend to throw away the beaten up ones, but sadly my dad will sit there and sew them, because he claims "its her favorite" her toy box is overfloating. Her current favorite squeaky toy is the "Kong ball" looks like a tennis ball but squeaks. She drives everyone insane with it. & my parents have told me as of lately she likes to take them to the bed and barks at my parents to play when its "sleepytime" LOL