Thursday, June 16, 2011

Dog Intelligence Tests

This week I have listed two more of the dog intelligence tests. They seem a little long in description, but are really not too long in execution. I don’t want you to feel in any hurry to perform these tests, I know we are all busy. But I think they are interesting and may at some point of your day, work their way into your schedule -- proving your dog is a genius, as you already know :)

This is a measure of problem solving. You need a large bath towel or heavy cloth of similar size. Make sure the dog is awake and reasonably active, and then let him sniff the towel. Then, with a quick, smooth motion (you may want to practice a time or two without the dog), throw the towel over the dog’s head, so that it’s head and front shoulders are completely covered. Start the stop watch and watch silently. If the dog frees himself in fifteen seconds or less, score 5; If in fifteen to thirty seconds, score 4; in thirty to sixty seconds, score 3; in one to two minutes, score 2. If the dog has not removed the towel after two minutes, score 1.

This is a test of social learning. Pick a time when your dog is sitting around 8 feet away from you but has not been told explicitly to sit and stay. Then stare intently at its face. When the dog looks at you, count silently to three and then smile broadly. If the dog comes to you with any tail wagging, score 5; if the dog comes but slowly or only part way with no tail wagging, score 4; if the dog stands or rises from a lying to a sitting position but does not move toward you, score 3; If the dog moves away from you, score 2; if the dog pays no attention, score 1.

Don’t you know they are wondering at OUR intelligence as we perform these tests?

Alice England


Giupetto and Gianna Tails said...

I will try these and let you know. Should be interesting.
Some dogs like to be under the covers, like my Giupetto, so not sure he will want to come out. LOL

I still have to find some sort of can to complete the 2nd part of test 1 from last week, but I will.

Thanks Alice. I think these are fun, and a chance to interact with your dog in not a usual way.

Giupetto and Gianna Tails said...

Test 3 - first try. I chose a time when they were practically sleeping. I see now that was not the right time. I used a sheet, and put the sheet over both of them. Neither was used. They were both extremely happy to be covered up. Gianna finally removed herself after about 2 minutes. I had to uncover Giupetto, but he loves to burrow under the sheets. So Giupetto gets a 1 and Gianna gets a 2. LOL

Giupetto and Gianna Tails said...

Test 3 - 2nd try - tonight they were running and playing and both jumped on the bed. They were wrestling, and I threw the sheet over both of them. Gianna wiggled out in seconds - 5! LOL Giupetto twisted 3 times till he was nice a tight in a ball. I laughed, untangled him and did it again. Again he twisted around 3 times. We did it a 3rd time and again he twisted himself up in it. So funny, but what does he score? LOL
Well I enjoyed the tests I did so far. :-)