Friday, June 3, 2011

Cartoon Animals Quiz

Let's see how well you remember your cartoon animals. Some should be easy and some should be more difficult depending on what generation you are from. I will give you the cartoon animal's character name and you try and figure out what animal it is. This is just for fun so no need to hide your answers or you don't have to show them at all if you don't want, too. Answers will be provided on Sunday's blog post.

1. Baloo
2. Itchy
3. Amelia and Abigail Gabble
4. Gus Gus
5. Ray
6. Abu
7. Crush
8. Ferdinand
9. Lambert
10. Small One


Art and Sew Forth said... goes! WARNING! DO NOT COPY - I know they are wrong!
1. dog 2. monkey 3. birds 4. cat 5. donkey 6. elephant 7. turtle 8. bull 9. leopard 10. chipmunk


makingstuffwithlove said...

Sasha, I know 0!! :( I've never heard of a one of these. I thought I'd know at least one... But no. I'll be curious to see how Patty did lol

kc said...

ferdinand, the bull! i still have the book, but no clue on all the others. itchy from the simpsons?, what kind of animal is beyond me.

Pauline said...

Amelia and Abigail---- mice

Crush - elephant

Lambert - sheep

Gus Gus snail

all guesses lol

Sean (Camargo Creations) said...

1. Baloo - Bear
2. Itchy - Mouse
3. Amelia and Abigail Gabble - Geese
4. Gus Gus - Mouse
5. Ray - No clue let's say dog
6. Abu - monkey
7. Crush - turtle
8. Ferdinand - bull
9. Lambert - lion
10. Small One - donkey

I know it isn't fair but I live down the street from Disneyland so I have an advantage.