Sunday, October 23, 2011

Cats Love Of Water By Sue From FrumsGlassMenagerie

Cat drinking water

Some members of the Pet Jubilee Team have been comparing stories of their cat’s love of water. It seems like most of our domestic cats are known for staying clear of water, yet there are some that are fascinated with it. Those are the ones that love to play with a dripping faucet, paw at their water bowl, and hang out near the tub when their owner is showering. Some have even walk right in to share a shower with their owner. Researches have theorized that this love of water in our domestic cats is a genetic throwback to their ancestors. Wild species living in the hot plains of Africa or rainforest are more likely to go for a swim than cats living in a cold climate. Wet fur would eliminate the ability of a cat’s fur to insulate the feline from the cold, making them feel even colder. Since the paw is such a sensitive part of a cat’s body, scientists believe pawing or playing with water is a way of gauging the temperature of water, the depth, and where the top of the water is. It may just be fun! One difficulty of owning a water loving cat is their splashing in their water bowl can make a huge wet mess. Also, it may leave the cat without water should it be alone for hours. Cat food can get wet and bacteria can grow. If your cat soaks it's food with water play, it is recommended to keep the food separate from the water. Water fountain adapters are available to keep fresh water available for these water lovig cats. A motion detector turns on and lets the water run for the cat to drink. I imagine for play time too. There is a centuries old cat breed named Turkish Van, that loves water. They originate from the Lake Van area of Turkey. Some of them will even swim to meet humans in fishing boats.

I wonder how many of your cats enjoy water and hope you share stories of your cat's water antics.


Three Wishes Collective said...

I didn't know that about cats. Very interesting and I love the picture and the video. I have no idea Frau's take on water. I may have to test that out today, lol.

Giupetto and Gianna Tails said...

This was so interesting about the different cats and thier like and dislike of water. Loved the video, and the picture is adorable.