Tuesday, July 12, 2011


Cross Word Puzzle - PetsJubilee style

Most of these things were mentioned on our thread, and some others are fill ins.
Note - all of the first names listed on here have a link to their shop, which might help
if you do not know the answer. They are also fun shops to visit.
Hint - You might want to start with "down". I think they are easier.
You can print the picture to work on it.

1a Most of K's designs are _____________.
2a Pet name for seamstress (mentioned on blog as my nickname).
3a- When a shop is new, you might say "Give her a ____".
4a- Olivia would enjoy something in Patty's shop. Olivia is a _______.
5a- Carolyn makes this with a face and a tail.
6a- Alice now makes these.
7a- Jenya likes to share her ______.
8a- Tammy likes to make these.

1d- Step 12 - on addiction to _______. Pauline and Annie can sympathize.
2d- All the pets would like a _______ from Shari.
3d- When Eva makes a new item she will ______ it on etsy.
4d- Sasha's nemeses are __________.
5d- Mary's baby is a ____. So is Sean .
6d- Petsjubilee team - Rock __!
7d- Allison makes this for piggies.
8d- Beatles song "Let it___".

The person with the most correct answers wins a prize.
If there is a tie for the winner, hubby will pick from a hat.
Anyone can play!
What do you win? Any one item from either of my shops - Your choice!!

Toy, bandana, sweater, skirt-ter, vest, costume, hat..... here's some examples:

DO NOT leave your answers below.
Please comment below that you have sent in your answers, and email
or convo me your answers.
My shop links are below. My email is DianaDesign4dogs@aol.com.
The winner will be announced below and on the forum, Thursday morning.

Have fun, and thanks for playing.




Sean (Camargo Creations) said...

This was fun! I sent in my answers.

Three Wishes Collective said...

sending in my answers. i don't think i did very well :(

Giupetto and Gianna Tails said...

Thank you all for playing. Here are the answers.
1a- felted
2a - tailoress
3a - shot
4a - kitten
5a - pillow
6a - purses
7a - blog
8a - I am accepting ties and pies

1d - fabric
2d - treat
3d - list
4d - squirrels
5d - he
6d - on
7d - house
8d - be

(Funny on 8a - I was thinking about Tammy's award winning pies, and more than half of you said ties, which is also correct)
(7d - I think house was the hardest one - Allison had trouble making the hole in the front of the houses for the piggies. She has one as her avatar.)

We had 2 people that got them ALL correct, so I think both of them are winners!

Congratulations to:

Athena and Alice !!

Three Wishes Collective said...

wow! congrats! i would have never gotten "house". I had tunnel, sack, hut, nothing near it.