Saturday, July 9, 2011

Save a Life Today

I was looking around this morning for something to write about and dropped by the website for inspiration. There I found a link about a subject that is one of my biggest pet peeves (no pun intended). "A sad reminder of the dangers of leaving pets in hot cars". I so hate to see dogs in cars during the summer. I want to post on those cars for the owners to put on a fur coat and wait in the car. Get a taste of the cruelty they are placing on their precious cargo! This story, however, had a link where you can download fliers, so I wanted to share that here:

Click on the pictures above to go to the site where you can download the fliers and help spread the word. You could save a dog's life today.


Art and Sew Forth said...

Such a good reminder. I feel the same. Just last week I saw a lady who left her dog in the car - and she even remarked to someone how she better get to the car where the dog was waiting....A long time I might add. I wonder if she would do that her child? So sad. Tweeting this!

Sean (Camargo Creations) said...

Great post. My wife had to tell someone at the store just yesterday how terrible it was to leave their dog in the car while they went inside to shop. It would have been great to have a flyer to share. I definitely will be sharing this post.