Friday, February 18, 2011


My husband and I got a Quaker parrot, Watson, near the end of 2005 -- he was a hand fed baby and we got him as soon as he was weaned. Of course with my excessive talking, he quickly began to speak. I spend nearly every day, all day in the room with him, which is the ‘secret’ to why I think he has become such a talker. By mid way through February of 2006, he said his first sentence: ‘What do you want for breakfast?’. This was something I asked James every morning, so it was probably inevitable that he would learn this phrase first. I decided yesterday to write down his phrases and they are listed below. An explanation, if needed follows the phrase in parentheses. The list became so long, I even surprised myself. Phrases that follow an asterisk are ones that he says ONLY in response to the situation, proving (to us at least) that they DO know what they are saying and why they are saying it.

*Good morning, Wat. Time to wake up. (When we take the cover off his cage in the morning)
Mama brought you some breakfast.
Mama brought you some supper.
Mama brought you some clean water.
Mama brought you a treat cup.
What do you want for breakfast?
*It’s hot. (About James’ coffee in the morning)
*I can’t share it. It’s got chocolate, baby.
Are you hungry little bird?
Did you taste it?
Is that good?
Does it taste good?
*It’s good for you. (Said about anything he likes to eat, regardless of good or bad for him)
*That’s good id-un-it? (that’s southern for isn’t it? lol Again about food or drink)
What are you doing?
What are you saying?
Are you a talking bird?
I’m a talking bird. Talk, talk, talk.
I’m a pretty bird.
I’m a smart bird.
I’m a puffy bird.
I’m a funny bird.
*Be right back. I’ll be right back. (When James leaves for work)
*Did you drop it? (Every time something -- anything -- hits the floor)
Your mama loves you little bird.
You are a good little bird. A good little bird. Good little bird. (He likes this one lol)
Clean up the house.
Pick up the house.
*Mama is clean up the kitchen. (Grammar isn’t perfect, as you can see)
Take out the garbage, take out the garbage, take out the traaaash. (southern edition again)
Want your mama to give you a bath? You wanna bath?
*Come on up. (When I put Montana on the couch with me or when Watson flies to James)
*Sweet baby. (When we are petting and loving on the dogs)
*Love on, love on. Love a little. (When James is loving and kissing on him)
*Mama’s picking her fingers (When I am nervously picking at my fingernails)
*Mama’s comb Montana. Mama’s comb Montana’s hair.
*Stop it! (When the dogs won’t stop barking)
Buster or Boster
Chance (I can’t imagine why he doesn’t yell ‘Jake!’ but he doesn’t -- yet)
*Hang on, here we go. (When we move his cage to the bathroom for the night)
*Hang on. (When you get up with him on your shoulder, he has to hold on)
Have to go to the bathroom. (Because I announce to him why I’m leaving the room lol)
Damn. (And miraculously nothing else in this category lol)
*Bite. (When you are eating something he wants to share)
*Drink. (When you are drinking something he wants to share)
It’s good for you. That’s good for you.
*You make your mama laugh. Hahahahahaha (This if I laugh at something he says)
*Don’t be scared. It won’t hurt you. (At scary things like the vacuum cleaner, etc.)
I’m sorry. (He never says this at the right time lol)
*Oh, look, it’s a little feather. A pretty little feather. A sooooffffft little feather.
*Are you a little chicken? (Jerks his head back and forth like a chicken)
Yeah, yeah, that’s true. (the response he hears on my end to many phone conversations)
*It’s all gone. That’s it. (When the people food is gone -- for him and for the dogs)
It’s good for the trip.
Little peanut.
Little piece of paper.

I haven’t exaggerated at all when writing these phrases out. They are spoken clearly and most are spoken only at the right time, as I’ve indicated. Watson will be six this year on September 17th. He plucks himself mildly on the chest, but otherwise has never been sick. James has actually walked outside with Watson on his shoulder twice and we were VERY fortunate that he came back. He flew out of sight one of these times, but came back shortly, landed on the grass in front of James and said ‘Don’t be scared, little bird’. He brings much humor and happiness to our home.


Art and Sew Forth said...

Alice! This was so fabulous! I want a Watson! He is amazing! What fun it must be to talk to your pet and have them talk back. This was a real treat. Now we need a video!

AngelPups said...

Alice this is great!! I wish you could record or video him and share it with us!! I would love to hear him talk ;-)

Giupetto and Gianna Tails said...

Yes, we need to hear him, not that we don't believe you. LOL There I go again.
I love all of the things he says. I never had a talking bird. I hope DaVinci that I have now will talk, but I do not talk as much when I am with him. I sing. Maybe he will sing some day.
Love this - can't wait for the video. ;-)