Saturday, February 5, 2011

The Heads Or Tails Wiener Is!

Last week we did the heads or tails game to pawmote some of the awesome petsjubilee team shops on etsy. Sasha and I had set answers that we thought would be correct, but we soon realized that you all had some creative ideas that were true, too. Therefore, we took all your answers especially if they had some funny reasons. Here are a couple of examples of the answers we got.

1 heads 2 both - Goes over head and covers body 3 heads 4 both - In the mouth out the tail end. 5 both - In the mouth and yummy for the tummy. 6 tails 7 heads 8 heads 9 both - For laying head and tail sleeping. 10 heads 11 both - Bow for head dress for body.1 2 heads 13 both - Shampoo for over. 14 both - over the head covers the body. 15 heads

1. Heads 2. Both - because you must have your head to breathe and you must have your fanny out to poop! 3. Heads 4. Heads (even though these come out the other end in real life, this is NOT a real life poop!) 5. Heads 6. Heads - there are two complete heads on this pic and only one complete tail shot! 7. Heads 8. Heads 9. Both - heads and tails need naps 10. Heads 11. Heads - mostly because of the bow and there is no leg covering in this one like Pauline's 12. Heads - I want the dog, not the hat! 13. Both - both ends need a good shampoo every now and then! 14. Both - there is SO much tummy on this poochie that I couldn't just say heads! 15. Heads

So we took all those who entered, and I wrote their etsy names on paper. I put them in a blue doxie bag that we got from Patty. Then, I gave it to Sasha to shake around. She enjoyed running around with it attached to her collar for a bit. Then, I had one of the kids I babysit draw the wiener (winner) from the bag. And the wiener is......

Congrats Tammy! I will be in touch with you on how you can get your new tote bag.
The rest of this month we will be featuring some of the team members cool new items on Sundays. Thank you to all who played our game and we will bark at you again next Sunday.


laughingfridge said...

Congrats to the "wiener"!!

Art and Sew Forth said...

Tammy!! You lucky lady!! Congrats!!

poodlelounge said...

hey hey a lucky wiener !! congrats to you Tammy !!!

Giupetto and Gianna Tails said...

Fixed! You had to pick a weiner to go with your story. LOL
Only kidding. CONGRATS Tammy, you weiner you!
I like some of the answers. LOL

HappyDapperDogs said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you very much!...:D Heads or Tails we are the lucky dogs!...and y'all thought doxie mind control was just something Athena made up with her wild imagination! LOL