Thursday, February 17, 2011

Ken- You Will Be Forever Missed.

(Above image provided by Tammy of earlybird454 on ETSY.)

On February 14, 2011, Ken, Shari's (petsjubilee team captain) husband passed away from a long battle with colon cancer. Today's blog is dedicated to him, as well as, the love that he and Shari shared together for 25 years.

The petsjubilee team is morning with you Shari. We want you to know that he will be forever in our hearts and minds, too. We are there for you whenever you need and we want you to know that you have best friends all over the world that are sending prayers at this very moment for you and your family.

Shari and her family have set up a special memorial blog for Ken. There are photos, loving statements from his family, as well as, a way that you can support the family during their grieving process.

Finally, I was moved to write this poem for you Shari. I hope in some way that it helps.
The See-Saw
By Athena Taylor
A boy - A girl
On a see-saw.

Up. Down.
Up. Down.

When one sores high,
The other comes crashing
Down - BAM.

Each connected to the other
In air,
On ground,
Or in between.

Up. Down.
Up. Down.

In the park,
Children running, screaming, tagging.

Up. Down.
Up. Down.

One young boy falls,
Skins his knee.
But, on the see-saw
No one notices.

Up. Down.
Up . Down.

Other children come
to the see-saw.
"My turn!"
"Time to share!"
"I'm telling!"
The see-saw keeps going

Up. Down.
Up. Down.

Children leave.

Dark clouds in sky.
Rain drops fall.

Up. Down.
Up. Down.

Boy and Girl Laugh.
Catch rain drops on tongues.

Up. Down.
Up. Down.

Thunder rumbles in distance.

Up. Down.
Up . Down.

Flash of bright light fills sky.

The see-saw stops.
The girl is frightened.

Father comes.
Lifts boy up.

"No! Not yet Daddy!"
"I don't want to go!"
Tears - tears - tears.
Yelling! Screaming!
Sobbing - sobbing - sobbing.
Lots of sobbing.

A meek head
Peeks over
Father's shoulder.

Boy waves good-bye.

Girl alone on see-saw.

Rain falls harder.
Tears fall with rain.

With loving arms,
Her father scoops her up.
"You will see him tomorrow."


Pauline said...

Athena - this is beautifully done. The picture is so lovely and the words are so fitting.

What a precious keepsake for you, Shari.

I am so honored to be part of this P J Team and to be blessed with a Team Captain like you. You will be held in prayer and love.

Giupetto and Gianna Tails said...

Shari, I hope you can tell how loved you are, and hope this helps even a little.
You are in our thoughts and prayers.

Athena, Tammy, you did a beautiful job.
And Athena, the poem brought me to tears. It is really good.
Thank you both.

AngelPups said...

This is a beautiful post and all of us on the Petsjubilee team have our arms and hearts around you, Shari~
With love~

HappyDapperDogs said...

Prayers for peace.

Athena, I read this heartfelt poem and thought how loving our Heavenly Father is to comfort His children in times of distress. What a beautiful example of the childlike faith that is being asked of us at times such as this.

Thanks to you all for the compliments.

Art and Sew Forth said...

Through the eyes of a child we see the Father. This is so beautiful. I am so glad to be in this family.

doodypops said...

what a moving poem. very beautiful and true

Unknown said...

My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.

Three Wishes Collective said...

This is so wonderful!!! I can't thank you enough! I love the photo, Tammy and the poem, Athena! I will take this to Ken's celebration today.

Pup Fan said...

My thoughts and prayers are with you, Shari. I have lost a family member to colon cancer, so I'm sending lots of hugs your way right now.