Sunday, May 27, 2012

Honor Flight- Memorial Day Weekend

Hello all.  I thought since it is Memorial Day weekend here in the USA.  I would share something our local folks are doing here in the Inland Northwest to help WWII vets.  There is a program called Honor Flight.  It is basically geared to helping veterans of World War Two see their memorial monument in Washington DC before they pass away.  There are about a 1,000 WWII vets that are passing away every day without ever seeing the monument in their honor.  Here in the Inland Northwest the local news stations and many businesses sponsor these special flights for WWII vets to see the monument before they pass away. 

I had many times seen the human interest stories on the news and the urges to donate.  But, recently, a friend of the family mentioned her father was on the list to receive an Honor Flight when funds become available.  I guess the honor flight then became more of a personal connection than just another heart warming news story. 

My grandfather passed away before this program even got started.  I wonder if he would have wanted to go to the memorial if he was offered the opportunity before he died.  It makes me think of how much our veterans have done for us. Sure we put a memorial up in their honor, but how many never get to see these memorials.  It really makes you think.

Please, if you could pass on the link through social media sites to the honor flight website and maybe think about donating if you can.  This is a way to give veterans a little special thank you from all of us that enjoy the freedoms they ensured that we have today.

May those that have given all for our freedom be forever in our hearts and minds.

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Giupetto and Gianna Tails said...

Wonderful post.
God Bless our veterans.
God Bless America.