Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Show and Tell Tuesday - on bathing

It is very important that your pets are kept clean. Dirty cages, dirty living conditions, dirty and matted fur, dirty feathers, can all lead to serious health issues.

It is important that your pet bird get baths. Outside they do this in puddles, or in the rain. But in captivity we have to make sure we offer them water to bathe in. Sometimes they do not take to bathing themselves. In that case, you must spray them. You can use luke warm water, or they sell bath spray at the pet stores. Most birds do not like to get sprayed, but it is necessary.

DaVinci would not bathe himself. I tried many different shape and depth bathing dishes, but he just would not. So I had to spray him, and he did not like the spray. He tolerated certain sprays, but not others.

Well a week ago I was cleaning his bird gym, and he wanted to stay on the gym, and to my surprise he started to bathe himself under the spray. He would flap his wings catching the water with the tip, and of course getting water every where.

Here is a video of him taking a bath. I am sure he will get better at it, but this is a great start.

This next video he gets up close and personal, and does say a few sentences. The very first one is not very clear, but it is - Hello. My name is DaVin'?

Then he says How does a cat go? Meow. And then How does a dog go?



makingstuffwithlove said...

Oh Diana, those were awesome!! I watched both twice lol How proud you must be of him taking a bath. We are still unable to talk Watson into getting under the faucet :( That is a huge step! And that sweet talking :) He sounds so sweet -- and looks so pretty! His tail feathers look great and he is getting all those beautiful colors! Gianna is a doll too! I wondered which of the dogs was behind you barking to get up -- should have known who it was if DaVin was involved bol

SassySashadoxie said...

Aww love the bath one. The sound was off on my computer so I didn't hear him in the second one. But, he is growing up so nicely. What a proud birdie mom you should be. :)

Pauline said...

These were great! What patience you have with your pets....that is amazing to me to see all that is entailed in having these lovely creatures living in your home and being part of the family....so cute when he talked and then of course Gianna chattering away too....reminds me of little children - they all want to be in on the activity! You're the best mommy, Diana :):)