Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Strongest, Ugliest, Smartest, Dumbest and Other Dogs!

I received my first order Tuesday night for a custom dog. A German Shepherd. I had Shepherds when I was young and in my early married days. They are very smart, protective, strong, and shed like crazy!! I started wondering what the smartest dog was. Then I wondered what the dumbest dog was. Then I wondered....
So here is what I found. I am sure there are varying opinions, but I suppose these are right in there as acceptable choices for these dubious honors! 

Funniest Looking 
  “SHO-lo-eets-KWEENT-lee” This Mexican hairless breed is not only funny looking; it’s also quite rare.

Border Collie

American Mastiff Bandog

Afghan Hound

Chinese Crested


English Bulldog 
The English Bulldog is probably the laziest dog breed on the planet. Bulldogs are not very energetic and their short snouts make breathing difficult for them. At least he has a reasonable excuse! 

Do you agree? The Dachshund was 10th on the funniest list. The Bulldog was also on the ugliest list. I didn't do fastest because we all know the Greyhound is right up at the top.
Does it matter? Sometimes. But I bet those who have 'dumb' Afghans, or 'ugly' Chinese Cresteds would tell us that they really don't give a hoot or howl. It's their dog, and it's the best dog in the whole world! 

Patty from Dogbarks 


Pauline said...

Well I am working on making clothes for a Chinese Crested....this one I have pic of is quite cute. :) but the one in your pic is truly not cute - maybe b/c he is a male??? :)

Giupetto and Gianna Tails said...

I disn't know the afghan hound was well not the brightest bulb. LOL The one in your picture almost looks doofy too. LOL They are beautiful dogs though.

The Chinese Crested can be quite ugly because of their potential to have really bad teeth, and sometime the little hair they do have comes out in ugly patches. But the well bred Chinese Crested I think are quite beautiful. Remind me of a miniature horse. It is on my "must have" dog list.

Good post Patty.

Three Wishes Collective said...

great post - i love the info, but you're right; their owner's would tell you they each are the best dog in the world :)

I thought I'd add a category:
Hungriest Dog:


makingstuffwithlove said...

Hilarious! Those were great picks and yes, the afghan hound was a surprise lol I guess it had to be somebody >_< Made me want a border collie :) Shari, you are too funny about Velvet lol

Jenya said...

I enjoyed this post, Patty. You're right, just like babies, yours is always the smartest, prettiest, most lovable, no matter what, in spite of whatever anybody else thinkg!


Tisha said...

Great info. That Mexican hairless would look like a tiger if it had hair covering those markings. Would have thought the Australian Cattle Dog to be the smartest.