Wednesday, June 6, 2012


                    It's time for a little contest.

But first - an excerpt from my calendar for the month of June. -- Calendar called Shih Tzu puppies from BrownTrout Publishers.

“Did you know … that having a close relationship with your puppy may not only make you happier and more active, but may also provide direct health benefits?  Studies have shown that petting a dog can have the effect of reducing blood pressure even hours after the initial action, and that pet owners who suffer from serious illnesses (e.g. heart attacks) survive longer than those who do not own pets. One possible explanation is that heart attack victims are more motivated to recover because they know that their dogs depend on them.

And now for the contest -- --
     Below is a picture showing the pieces of something I am making.

               If you can guess what I am making, or come the closest,
           you win a machine embroidered bookmark, similar to these.


Materials include:
Pink and white striped fabric
White fabric
6 White buttons
and Red Felt

Try to be as specific as possible.  If more than one of you guess correctly, we will draw the winner from a hat.
Please convo your answer to either: or
Or email me at

Anyone is welcome to play. You have until midnight PST Wed, June 6th.
Good luck.  :-)

Winner will be announced here, Thursday morning.  Thanks for playing.


And the answer is - a Candy Striper dress! It will have an apron with a red cross and a hat.
There were a number of correct guesses so I put your names in a cup, and John (aka Babalou) picked - and the winner is --- (it is first thing in the morning and my voice sounds like a bullfrog. )


Three Wishes Collective said...

Congratulations! Can't wait to see the finished product :)

Giupetto and Gianna Tails said...

Congratulations Carole. I will contact you to choose your bookmark. :-)
I think it was funny the way John pronounced your name - I think because of the 'e' on the end. LOL

Carole said...

Yeah!!! I think I'll make a video for my next giveawawy...that was fun!