Sunday, December 18, 2011

Petsjubilee Team Gift Exchange Part 2

This week has brought many surprises to the team in the way of the team gift exchange.  I am hoping I didn't forget anyone.  If so let me know, and I will see if I can edit you in.

First up, Shari from ciaohound received three beautiful pairs of earrings and some chocolate from Sue from frumsglassmenagerie and her puppers (Sweet Pea, Pepie and Gemma).

Second, Patty from DogBarks got a great Guinea Pig Art Print of the piggies dressed up as Victorian Ladies from Pauline of paulinesfashion.  I must have missed the first piggie art gift since this was part two.

Third, Tammy from happydapperdogs received a beautiful framed art prints of her two dogs, a handmade sleepy sack, and a sewing caddy from Alice from makingstuffwithlove.

Fourth, Sue frumsglassmenagerie got a Sweat Pea Reindeer Hat ornament from me as part two of her gifts.  The ornament was created by Angelika from KritterKraze.

Fifth, Annie from AnnieKDesigns received her gift from Tammy from happydapperdogs. She got a package containing a pink necklace with doggy charms, a bandanna with footballs for Cody, and a red and white tux bib with snowflake tie for Copper.

Sixth, Pauline from paulinesfashions received a  very cute "berry bowl" from K from kceknits.

I got my lovely ornament, handmade card, and dachshund pin today from Eva and her puppers from PaniEva. I love it so much and Thank you.


Giupetto and Gianna Tails said...

Such great gifts everyone is receiving. It is intersting to see the variety.
I hadnt seen the earrings Shari got before - they are all so pretty.
I also hadn't seen the ornament and pin Athena got. I love them too- very cute.
Great job gift givers. :-)

Art and Sew Forth said...

I am feeling very guilty for not getting my pictures sent! Great earrings for Shari - so special. And the doxie pin from Eva is so perfect for Athena. How fun!

FrumsGlass said...

This was a fun exchange. Lovely items.

kc said...

this is a blast! thanks for the blogs, athena & thanks for the gift exchange, tammy!

Pauline said...

This was a wonderful idea....thanks, Tammy, for setting it up. I couldn't comment on Shari's gifties and Athena's gifties....but what a delightful selection from Sue and Eva....everyone is so very 'gifted' here on our team..... did you get the 'pun' ??

Merry Christmas all !!!!

HappyDapperDogs said...

HoHoHo, Merry Christmas indeed!! I'm so happy with my gifts and love seeing each of your gifts. I'm glad everyone has enjoyed the exchange...God bless us, every one!

"I will honour Christmas in my heart, and try to keep it all the year." ~E. Scrooge