Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Rescued - By CharmingK9Designs

This is my Bridgette. Out of all of the animals that I’ve brought home to foster she was the worse case I had ever seen. First, my friends who do the rescue day in and day out are the real heroes in my book. And, every once in a while I will get a call with a special case. I’m a little embarrassed to share this part but its part of the story – some of my friends call me the Poodle Whisperer – don’t know why I’ve just always had this special affinity with poodles. But I look for that special something in their eyes. Something that tells me the light is still on…

When I met Bridgette, she had been badly beaten and abused and very under-nourished. We guessed her age to be around 2 but she was already loosing teeth because of the bad diet or just sheer lack of food that she had been getting. She was skin and bones and her hips were both completely dislocated because of the abuse. She was fear-biting. No one could touch her. Several experts said she could not be rehabilitated and she was on “last call.”

The vet who helps this particular rescue group could only wrap her hips up after popping them back in place. She was in so much pain and they put her on medication and tried to get her to eat. I decided not to touch her or try to reach in for her but instead sat beside her kennel at the shelter every chance I got – most of my Saturdays were spent reading a book out loud to her and eating a chicken sandwich that I would try to tempt her with – my whole family made a huge project out of this and would come up and sit with me – finally one Saturday this little girl came out of her kennel on her own and curled up in my lap.

I looked down at her and said “ok we can go home now.” And, yes she stayed with me. Today after two hip surgeries, lots of love, good food, she’s as right as rain. We (all 3 of my poodles now) go to the local nursing homes to visit and we attend as many shelter events as we possibly can to help raise awareness for adoptions. This message is about hope and love and we are all very thankful because these gals have been such a blessing to me. They teach me every day how to laugh and love unconditionally at a time when I’ve needed it.

We’re not asking for your vote. We just wanted to share one of our stories.

Written by Victoria of CharmingK9Designs


Anonymous said...

What a beautiful 'feel good 'story. Thanks for sharing it with us. She's adorable, and a remarkable lil trooper! Your obviously a great mommy.

Giupetto and Gianna Tails said...

Oh gosh. I can hardly see to write through my tears. Thank you so much for sharing. The part when she came out and curled up on your lap, was the part that finished me.
Oh Victoria, you are so beautiful. And I can understand why they would call you the poodle whisperer.

AnnieKDesigns said...

Well the story certainly made me cry! It's such a wonderful story and it highlights what an awesome person you are along with your family. Thank you for all you do to rescue all animals and bless you for taking them to the elderly homes.

Annie, Cody and Copper

Stockannette said...

Go, Bridgette!

You are both fabulous.

Unknown said...

Thanks so much for sharing Brigette's story...

Anonymous said...

Beautiful beautiful beautiful story! And what a wonderful person you are to do what you do, Victoria! God bless you!