Wednesday, November 4, 2009

In The Box

I would like to introduce Janice from DogsRule:

Introduce yourself:
Hi! I am Janice...and I live in Sussex County, Vernon, New Jersey...with my husband, 6 + dogs and yellow canaries! I have 2 awesome grown kids~ Jason and Danielle, and 2 granddaughters Cecilia Grace and Natalie Pearl from my daughter Dannie and her husband!

What pets do you have and their names?
Well, I have "6" that are always with me...and then one that is usually here visiting/, sometimes 7 ...and a Co Own that lives with the Breeder!

Pin Oak's Calista...Callie Ann...Beagle Driftwood's Raising a Ruckus...Mikey...Beagle AM Champion Farfalle's Fleder Maus...Spider...Papillon AM Champion Forevr's Belly Dancer...Jasmine...Papillon Farfalle's Volpe Nella Neve...Blaze...Papillon Medlee's Movie Star Kisses...Toot...Papillon

Medlee's Just Press Play...Press..."BEST PUPPY" Patriot Papillon Specialty Co Own with the Breeder, Sue Austin...Batavia, NY

What is the name/location of your Etsy shop?

How did you happen to start selling on Etsy?
I went into etsy to make a purchase! And looked around and decided to open a shop as I was currently selling on ebay!

What's your favorite item in your store?
Well, from what I have listed now, there are a lot of things that I am very happy with, but, if I had to pick one, I guess it would be a 'special' set of my butterflies:

What's your most popular line of products?
Probably my Origami Butterflies...when I opened my shop that is what I started with! My crocheted doilies came next, and then my Origami Cards/Tags etc. which I also do very well with, and lastly my dog crate pads and blankies.

Where do you get your inspiration/ideas for new items?
I think my inspiration comes from all the things I love! My dogs, birds, and all my hobbies that I love doing! Origami is just the greatest thing for me to sit and fold! I love my dogs to have nice crate pads and blankies so, they have inspired me to do them! I have been crocheting and sewing since I was young~ and I found it a fun way to be creative...most of my doilies are one of a kind, seldom do I make the same doily twice! I love working with unusual, hand dyed yarns and fine threads.

What do you want us to know about you as a person?
I love, love, love, my dogs...they are my life now that my kids have left to work on their own lives! One of my 'most-est' favorite things to do is go to dog shows! I love my breeds...papillons and beagles! I love the quiet and beauty of the county where I live, the seasons of Spring and Fall...and oh, the Ocean!!!! We want to retire there in a little house on or as close to the beach as we can get! We love Maine and Massachusetts and lobster tails with drawn butter! I love to read...I treated myself to a KINDLE last Christmas, and I adore it...I don't think I have done so much reading since I was younger! It is such a cool device! My favorite colors are blue, purple and green! And, I am addicted pasta and bread lover!

What do you want us to know about you as a crafter/artist?
I think that I am a perfectionist! I take very much pride in my work! I am not happy until I have perfected whatever I am working on! I made those butterflies for years before I felt I had created them in perfect like-ness to their originator/designer. Most of my idea's come to me in bed at night when I should be sleeping! LOL One thing leads to another, and then I am wide awake and can't get back to sleep afraid I might forget the list of things I want to do!

What do you want us to know about your shop?
I love my shop! I look at it and say to myself ..."Oh, it is so ME"! I wish I had more time to do all the things I want to do with it, but, well, there is always tomorrow!

What would you be doing/making/selling if you weren't doing what you're doing now?
I am a retired Montessori Teacher, and enjoyed my 20 years in school with the little ones~ now, I am doing just what I want to be doing...enjoying my grandchildren, spending time with my son and daughter, and totally 'sharing my life' with 'my dogs' and dog friends!

Where else can we follow you (twitter, flickr, facebook, blog, other online stores, etc.)?
I am on facebook....Janice Lagard...pop on in and say hello!

What do you have in the Pet Sampler boxes?
I make different things for the pet sampler boxes...tags, cards, butterflies, bookmarks...whatever little creative thing I can come up with! I am hoping to do more with some fun 'origami' pieces!

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