Thursday, September 20, 2012

Celebrate with Debbie

Help us Celebrate today for our teammate Debbie of dlkompare
She made this wonderful treasury (click the picture to go the actual treasury on Etsy) and she wrote:
I want to thank my husband, children and friends for helping me make it to this milestone. On September 20, 2012, I will be celebrating my fifth anniversary of my bone marrow transplant for leukemia. Please celebrate it with me! 

Each picture has some meaning to it. Starting with the picture in the top right as #1, I will share the meanings.

1. Celebrate! 2. Leukemia awareness 3. Stem Cell Transplant awareness 4., 5, and 9. The most important things that carried me through all of this til now. 6. The pattern is Dresden plate, in honor of my donor from Dresden, Germany 7. If you know me, you know how important my dogs are to me 8. You know how important all my pets are to me 10. We were able to go to the Grand Canyon after my transplant. My sister, Gretchen, ran a half marathon that was supporting the Leukemia Society in my honor. Then our families spent a few days together at a place I had only dreamed of visiting. It was an absolutely wonderful experience. 11. This is one of my favorite poems called "Footprints in the Sand" 12. In honor of all the wonderful medical people who took care of me (especially Dr. Michael Farrell, the staff on 7 Main at Shadyside, Dr. Agha, Dr. Raptis and Dr. Jho) 13. I loved sitting outside on the bench at the hospital and at home to enjoy the outdoors and be strengthened by it. 14. The Wolf-to me such a symbol of strength and courage as well as so caring in nature. When I was having a bad day at the hospital, I'd put on my wolf shirt and it was declared a wolf day. This always helped. 15. Being a Girl Scout leader with the most caring, supportive families who rallied behind me with cards, pictures, meals and so much love...I can't say Thank You enough. 16 Pittsburgh-simply being home, enjoying the city and getting some of the best medical care ever


Three Wishes Collective said...

Debbie - I am so thrilled to be able to celebrate this milestone with you! Congratulations :-)

makingstuffwithlove said...

I am so proud for you Debbie -- and so proud for us that you have joined our team :) I hope you have a wonderful celebration today!

Carole said...

This is clearly something to celebrate! Have a wonderful day!

Embley Veronica said...

Congratulations and thank you so much for sharing your victory with us!

Art and Sew Forth said...

This is so so encouraging! What a happy day! God is GOOD!

Unknown said...

What a wonderful and inspiring treasury. Thank you for sharing your journey!