Monday, July 2, 2012

The family dog

Hi all and happy Tuesday today I would like to introduce Tilly she's a mini foxy cross and she is ten years old this year and still going strong. She had glycoma a couple of years ago and had to have both eyes removed but she doesn't let that stop her. Tilly is really Ash's dog but because we don't have a fence around our yard and she's always lived at the fmailys home she lives there, she's a very pampered, spoiled little girl who runs the family. Here she is
Headshot of Tilly to see her face she has a lovely grey muzzle
Tilly licking her chops after a good yawn
Since Tilly has been totally blnd she hates the Indian Myner birds cause she thinks they are after her food. She is standing guard around the area where she's hidden her treasure aka bone.
Still guarding
Tillys favorite position she'll roll over just about anywhere for a pat, this is Johns foot on view.
Tilly waiting by the gate she heard the car coming in and gets all excited Have a good day!


Giupetto and Gianna Tails said...

Awww. Sweet Tilly. Thanks so much for sharing.

kc said...

it warms my heart to know there is a sweet dog named tilly in a wonderful, loving home.