Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show

The Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show has always been one of my favorites! I have enjoyed the show for many years and had the pleasure of attending when I lived in the area. It was soooo much fun! It is so cool seeing and learning about all kinds of dogs! I truly love them! Where else are you going to learn that one of the officers of the Titanic had a Newfoundland and the dog survived!

Over the past few year, controversy has started between PETA and the Westminster Kennel Club. PETA feels that some dog shows deter people from adopting shelter animals and buy from a reputable breeder. This year Westminster changed sponsors. They felt Pedigree commercials were too focused on adoption. The Pedigree commercials are real tear jerkers. Some of those dogs have "eyes" like one of mine and it gets me every time. They are very powerful. I am not too pleased about the sponsorship change.

I understand both sides of the debate. However I feel that PETA should be focusing its efforts to close puppy mills and target pet owners who do not spay and neuter their dogs. If all dogs, who were not going to be used for breeding purposes, were spayed or neutered, the shelters would not nearly be so full. There will always, unfortunately, be dogs who are mistreated, unwanted, their owner no longer unable to care for them, etc.

Both of my dogs were adopted - one from someone whose lifestyle did not have time for a puppy and the other was about to go a shelter or rescue because no one wanted him (very high energy puppy). How many other millions of dogs out there are like this?

I lucked out with my dogs. They can be a handful and bursting with energy and fun and playfulness with a bit of mischief. I would not trade either of them for anything!

I guess as with most things, it comes down to common sense.


Giupetto and Gianna Tails said...

Wonderful post Annie. Very very well said.
I also love the dog show and have been watching for so so many years. Because of the dog shows, I make it a hobby of mine to try and identify any dog I see. LOL
Plus I love so many breeds, it is wonderful to see such perfect examples of each breed.
Growing up, we had several dogs that we rescued from the shelter, and they were all the best dogs ever.

kc said...

very good post, annie. i agree with you that PETA (everyone) should focus on spaying & puppy mills. adoption is my way & now that i've adopted a senior cat (by accident) & a senior dog (on purpose) i get the push for that, too.

Art and Sew Forth said...

Really good article, Annie. I personally don't think there are many bad dogs, just bad matches between owner and dog. You 'lucked' out because you are the perfect personality for Cody and Copper's temperaments. I also agree with you about PETA and what their focus should be.