Sunday, December 19, 2010

Sasha's Night Before Christmas: The End

(Click on the pictures to see how you can get one of your very own.)

He was chubby and plump, and just right for a doxie.

I could see he had plenty of stealth and moxie.
A wink of his eye, and a wag of his tail,

Soon let met know, I need not wail.

He barked not a word, but went straight to his job,
And filled stockings with Bobos including one for Little Bob.

Putting his paw aside of his nose,
And giving a nod, up the chimney he rose!

He sprang to his car, and opened a small drink can,
And away they all flew including the snowman.

But I heard him howl, as he drove out of sight,
"Merry Christmas to all creatures, and to all critters good-night!"

Sasha and I wish that you all have a safe and Merry Christmas with your family this year!


Minnie and Mack said...

How cute and original!

Merry Christmas to you all!

Minnie and Mack

makingstuffwithlove said...

Sasha, you are so funny and smart! This was an excellent end to your darling poem :) You are indeed very talented! I loved it -- went back to re-read it again :)

Art and Sew Forth said...

What a happy ending! All the critters getting bobos and he drives off in a flying car....doesn't get any better!

Pauline said...

So very cute and well done, Athena - like I say 'you have to get this produced' - would sell millions :) in the book stores :)

Merry Christmas to all!


Beautiful blog!

KatyDidStitches said...

Sasha! Thank you for including my stocking in your poem...I'm honored! I'll bet Santa brings you lots and lots of treats this year because you are a very smart and funny and pwetty widdle girl!

Have a wonderful Christmas!


Giupetto and Gianna Tails said...

This is just too cute. You are so good at this Athena.
I am only sorry that this is the end. I lived every verse.
Merry Christmas to you and your family.

Giupetto and Gianna Tails said...

Well, I meant I loved every versse. :-)

doodypops said...

love the little crocheted doxie!