Thursday, May 21, 2009

Pets Jubilee is in 2 Treasuries!

Wow - this is so great! Two treasuries and a pet photo contest! So much fun for all the pets :)

First, we're in a Treasury West. Its called: "Just Fur You - Gifts for the pets and pet lovers in your life". Thank you so much Cocoacreamcrochet!

Secondly, within hours we were blessed with another Treasury! Its called: "Dogs Verses Cats - Which do you love?" Thank you Sassysashadoxie! (and thank you for the pet photo contest idea!)

Please visit these treasuries and click on the pictures and post a comment. Put our pets in the spotlight.

Then, please visit Sassysashadoxie's and Cocoacreamcrochet's stores for more great pet items and in appreciation for thinking of the pets.

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